Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SupScrib press release makes it sound like its a game for crazy people

I ran across this press release over at another site. Pretty typical stuff - barely even worth posting about - but some bits of it struck me as...odd.

  • Brand New Levels: Experience 120 brand new, in-depth levels that include task such as finding a cure for the plague, populating an office or identifying animals with shells.
  • All-New Adjectives System: Create a shy green polar bear or an angry zombie pear! 10,000+ adjectives reflect real life behaviours, personalities and characteristics when applied to objects.
  • Multi Layered Hints: Just can’t figure that puzzle out? Purchase more explicit hints at a decreasing Ollar cost over time.
  • Universal Feedback System: Visualise progress throughout each level! Relevant objects summoned get a thumb up, while irrelevant objects get a thumb down.
  • Updated Dictionary: Summon more than 800 all-new, customisable objects to solve puzzles and earn Starites.
  • New Control Schemes: Control Maxwell with the D-pad or with updated and more precise new Stylus controls! Weight, buoyancy, friction have all been reworked to make objects interact better to the player’s input and reflect any adjective that is applied to an object.
  • New Level Editor: Create both puzzle and action levels to build your very own custom playground. The unique new template system allows players to create all kinds of objectives for their levels with ease.
  • Innovative UI: An exciting new UI gives players more control over gameplay, with more detail on how to navigate through new levels in the game.

For some reason I'm imagining a person who has never heard of Scribblenauts before reading some of this info.

"'re telling me in Scribblenauts I have to...furnish an office? And then identify creatures with shells? What does any of this have to do with a zombie pear?!"

It's easy to take for granted just how random and "out of left field" this game really is. Either way, this single press release is enough to make me want to get my hands on the game. It addresses every possible complaint I had with the first. I'm particularly excited about the improvements to the weight and friction of objects.


  1. halo reach is awsome

  2. I LOVE Super Scribblenauts did you know you can get a bear suit,a bunny suit ,and a monkey suit. type in mascot costume you get a chicken outfit lol :3