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[N]Gamer's Scribblenauts Review

(Nope. Sorry folks. Joshua didn't already change his mind about putting the blog on hold. This is @Scribblenaut speaking.)

A few days back you could read about the first two review scores Scribblenauts had received. There have probably been a few more magazines to review Scribblenauts since then. But if you're not subscribed to any of those magazines, you've most likely not actually read a single Scribblenauts review yet.

I do have one gaming magazine subscription, and that is to [N]Gamer. They recently reviewed the game as well, and I sent them an e-mail asking if I could post an English translation on the internet. I'm not sure why I bothered asking, to be honest. What I was requesting was basically borderline plagiarism. There must have been planetary alignment at the time, though, because they actually gave me permission! I can't thank them enough for that.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a translation of a Dutch review. Obviously not all word play will translate well, but I did my best to prevent the text from seeming plain.
Also, [N]Gamer never wrote a preview to Scribblenauts before this review. So a lot of the review will sound familiar to the hardcore Scribblenauts fans.

But enough delay. Here's [N]Gamer's review of Scribblenauts:


No thought too extraordinary

Time certainly flies. While adventurers could only carry up to twenty items back in the day, the lad from Scribblenauts can materialise half a dictionary from his notepad. It's enough to make your jaw drop in amazement.

If there is one thing the creators of Scribblenauts deserve a standing ovation for, it's that they dared to carry out this daring, almost ludicrous concept. Because even though the game might look simplistic, recreating all objects in the dictionary must have cost them a lot of time an effort. Just imagine: Not only does every object need to have a matching appearance, but is must also display the appropriate behavior. No, the gentlemen at 5TH Cell definitely didn't make it easy on themselves.

Cartoony symbols show what people and animals are thinking. That baby is toast!

Digital bag of tricks
Scribblenauts contains 220 puzzles (not counting the tutorial levels). Maxwell, a little chap with a rooster-hat, fulfills the role of main character in these. By completing missions, you earn Starites and unlock more levels. Simple as that. You solve the levels by creating the appropriate objects. Simply type in (or write down) the object you want and it will appear on screen. If you want to reach a higher platform, for example, you can place a ladder next to it, or have Maxwell fly up to it with a jetpack. If you encounter an enemy, you could give Maxwell a shotgun to shoot it with, or you sneak past him with an invisibility cloak. And if you see a cat in a tree, you can summon a fireman to rescue it... or simply lure it with a bowl of milk. But of course there are a few limitation. You can only write down nouns: Adjectives, verbs and proper nouns will not be recognised (though the latter has a few exceptions, such as 'George Washington'). You also can't use vulgar words, or copyrighted objects and characters. Even with these restrictions the list of available objects is massive, and even available in our native language (Scribblenauts has a Dutch language setting: Every word has been translated)!

God can be a big help, though he's not always in the mood.

Of course we've tried to 'stump' the game here at [N]Gamer. In other words, we tried to think of words that the creators might have forgotten to add. But that was easier said than done. Platypus? It's in. Sumo wrestler? Present. Oil platform? No problem! Of course these objects aren't very useful when it comes to puzzle-solving, but that's what's so great about it: Scribblenauts gives you the freedom to figure that out for yourself. Of course this does mean that every puzzle can be solved in hundreds of ways. Imagine there's a whale on the beach, and the game asks you to return the creature to the sea. You could tie it to a vehicle and drive into the water. But you could also grab a shovel, and get the water to flow to the whale. Or you hop on the beast and stick a pair of wings to Maxwell's back to fly it back into the ocean. A plethora of options, but you do get rewarded from putting some thought into your solutions. Creative solutions are rewarded with badges and 'ollars' - coins required to unlock new worlds. And if you beat the level three additional times, you are awarded a gold (instead of silver) Starite. So creative players are rewarded, while the indolent player is encouraged to try more original solutions. This is as good as it gets, folks!

If this vehicle doesn't earn us some extra 'ollars', we give up.

Star on the roof
The worlds in Scribblenauts (a total of ten) are divided into eleven action- and eleven puzzle levels. The action levels have one simple goal: 'get the Starite'. This is usually easier said than done. We once stumbled upon Maxwell inside a building filled with explosives, while the Starite was located on the roof. We've lost count of how many times Maxwell exploded, but we can tell you it was more than in all the previous levels combined. The puzzle levels, on the other hand, place you into different scenarios that require more thought. The task you receive is different in each of these levels. In one level you'll be trying to swipe a dino egg for a starving caveman, in another you focus your efforts on getting a cute girl into a swimming pool. Sometimes the solutions are obvious, but as we said: Creative solutions are more rewarding... and more fun. Sure, you can build a bridge to cross a ravine. But of course it's much more fun to jump over it with a motorcycle... on the back of a panda... wearing a top hat! Admittedly, it can be a little tough to combine items. Especially when you're trying to work with chains and ropes things can go awry. Either items refuse to connect, or you accidentally instruct Maxwell to move elsewhere. This can be a tad annoying (especially when Maxwell is in danger), but with a little bit of patience you should be able to manage. Levels do not have a time limit, so you'll rarely need to rush.

In this level you must stop the ninja from massacring the royal family.

Once you've plowed through all of the action- and puzzle levels, there's still the option to create your own levels, which you can share with the rest of the world (via Wi-Fi). The level editor contains all 220 level designs, and 38 tunes from the game, and you're given the ability to set the relationship between objects, to add a hint and alter the difficulty setting of the level. We expected no less from the men at 5TH Cell. Perhaps the game is a little less impressive from a graphical aspect, but what it does is so unique and created with such dedication, that we can't look at the game with anything but total admiration. You can literally have weeks - no, months - of fun simply thinking of new objects to try. Original DS games that are fun to play to boot... they do exist!

Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Lasting appeal: 10/10

The Good: No DS game has ever captured our imagination like Scribblenauts has. With tens of thousands of words, 220 puzzles and a level editor you'll be playing for a long time.

The Bad: If you're not of the creative kind, it might be best to avoid Scribblenauts. A bit of patience is also required: the game doesn't always do what you want it to.

Score: 9/10
-Niels de Rijk

To put that 9 into perspective: [N]Gamer has only once given a third party game a higher score than that. And that game was Resident Evil 4.
Evidence of that the game might be as great as we all hoped it would be is piling up, wouldn't you say?

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Future of the blog

Hey guys.

Well, as release nears (4 days!) I have found myself at a crossroads. I also wonder if "crossroad" is in the game. Another item to try!

Anyways, I've been wondering about the future of this site and where I'll be going with it. Right now I'm thinking about stopping the blog business.

Really, this was a fan blog to gather news and articles and the like. Once the copy hits none of those things will be needed. Indeed, except for a few games (notably games online), there are very few reasons to keep people "informed" of a game beyond the release.

I was the one who started the "Official" thread over at NeoGAF, and it's there I'll probably forever be hanging out there, keeping the OP updated much in the way I kept this blog up to date. You can find me there, so feel free to send me a PM.

The "decision" is not official and I might change my mind once I get the copy in my hands (4 days!), but...for now? I'll be taking a little break to focus on work and school.

It's been fun, guys. I hope this game turns out as AMAZING as we all want it to be.

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Don't forget - this Sunday is the special NYC Launch Event

For some reason uploading that picture entirely messed up the colors...not sure why, but it kinda looks cool, so screw it, I'm keepin' it!

Anyways, this Sunday is the Nintendo World Store launch event for Scribblenauts. As the advertisement above says, from 11:00am - 2:00pm you can come in, chill with the 5TH Cell dudes, buy an advance copy, get some autographs, and apparently even learn some cool strategies for the game.

The thing sounds amazing, and if you're a fan of the game (I'd bet good money that you are) and you're close by, there's really no reason not to go. Advance copy AND meeting Jeremiah and co.? That's priceless. But if you do go, make sure to go early...because it's bound to be packed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First two "real" reviews are out - 9/10 and 10/10

The 5TH Cell guys must be psyched about this one. Though the review embargo for online publications doesn't end until Monday, the embargo on print reviews must be different (due to that production cycle?), as we currently have TWO reviews from two magazines.

Now it's hard to say these two guys are...well...unbias. After all, one is the Italian Official Nintendo Magazine, while the other is the UNOfficial Nintendo magazine of Australia. Still, 5TH Cell is a 3rd party, not a 1st or 2nd, so their bias shouldn't be THAT strong.

Italian ONM gave it a 9 while Ultimate Nintendo gave it a 10/10. Good deal! You can find the covers to both of these magazines below.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

15 year old kid proves he's a better interviewer than most game journalists

I wish I knew the story behind this, as it sounds like an amazing one. Somehow a 15 year old junior news reporter was able to attend PAX and interview Jeremiah. What came out of this Q&A session was fresh info on both the game and 5TH Cell...something which never seems to emerge from typical interviews, which tend to stay close to the "party line", so to speak.

Anyways, let's take a look at it. There's a lot of cool stuff in this article, so make sure you take a look for yourself. I've compiled below some of my favorite quotes.

You'll die before you can experience everything in Scribblenauts because it takes so long


As far as the words, I mean, everything -- every single word we could think -- there was no decision except for the copyrights -- no copyrights, no vulgarities, and no proper nouns, and we kind of break the rule on proper nouns here and there. We have Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, just because they're really, really famous.


We have robot hamster, because that was a popular Internet meme a while ago. We're like, we've got to put the robot hamster in there, you know?


For sequels, we're not really -- we're really focused on the DS right now, so we don't really have any plans at the moment for sequels. It's just like any game. If a game does really, really well, then obviously there will be sequels, but until that time we don't know what we're going to do with it.


I don't know, we just wanted to do it because we wanted to make our own stuff, and nobody's going to let you make your own stuff unless you own your own company. If you're your own boss then you get to make the calls, right?


if you have passion and you believe in yourself, then just go for whatever it is. So many people, I talk to all the time, they say, Oh, I really want to do this, but I'm stuck in this or that. It's like, so do it! They're like, Oh, but I'm scared, and I'm like, dude, there's going to be failure in anything. Look at the sports stars and stuff. They fail or whatever, but they make it eventually because they know


Yeah, we know our price, and we're not worth that, because I sweated blood and tears for six years and I don't want somebody telling me what to do. It's like, I'm doing just fine myself, so why do I need (to sell)? We're making money, we're doing better every year. Not gonna happen.

Seriously, it's a fantastic interview. It really makes me want to work for 5TH Cell. I'm just entirely in love with their philosophy, their code. Check the full thing out already!

New videos and new "themed" week - straight from the horse's mouth

Alright, remember how last week was "Back to School" week? Well, apparently this week is Vehicle Week, and like before, you can check it out on the official Facebook page of Scribblenauts. We were treated with a single new picture, though there are promises of new screens/videos throughout the week.

Speaking of new videos, the official YouTube channel posted 3 short videos for Back to School week. Let's take a look.

Here we seen an early Puzzle level in World 2. It's a pretty simple one, but definitely fitting to this week's (well...last week's) theme. Whereas most teachers simply display their apples on their desk, this teacher decided to gobble it right up. Yum.

Noticing a trend? This video is basically identical to the one above, only this time the teacher doesn't eat the ruler...that we know of.

Anyways, of interest is that this scored the same "Style" points as the last solution. Hmm. I wonder how you can up the style in such a "short" level?

And a 3rd time! Man, these videos might as well be a walkthrough for this level, as you already have the 3 solutions needed to "unlock" a level. This time Maxwell decides to ease her sad heart by spawning in a student. Bear in mind the bell has already rung and all the students went home, so this poor guy is now forced to spend eternity with his teacher.

Poor guy. Ah well, starite get!

It goes without saying we'll be seeing more videos like this, so keep an eye out and I'll make sure to keep us all updated

The Scribblecalm before the Scribblestorm...blahblahblah

Something like that!

All quiet on the Scribblenauts front, eh? Or at least, we're seeing more of the same. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I've mentioned the so called "calm before the storm", though the previous periods of no news usually proceeded a big event, such as an embargo lifting. This next big event - namely, the release of the game - will most likely be rather large in comparison.

Anyways, sorry for no articles or really any postings today. Nothing really happened that was worth mentioning. I get the feeling most of the big sites have the game in their hands and are currently reviewing it - thus we're not going to be seeing any new impressions or media until the embargo lifts, which will be this coming Monday. The good news is that (in the East Coast) it is officially Tuesday, marking exactly one week until launch. Getting excited?

Expect some more articles/discussion questions/etc. over the week, as I'm not expecting much news. Perhaps we'll see more spilloff of PAX media...but I figure we would have seen that by now! Anyways...I'm rambling now. School starts up again tomorrow in a big way. In about a week's time I'll be covered in projects and tests. I also work every weekend (which ended up being a really big downfall for me recently - AGH!), which only adds to the stress. Lord knows what Scribblenauts will do to my schedule...

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Reviews on the Run admit their mistake, promises a re-review

I didn't expect this one.

If you haven't already read up on the review craziness that began yesterday...well, you can find it all right here. The long and short of it was that RotR reviewed a preview copy, one they played back in August, and ended up breaking their review embargo. Oops.

Victor Lucas, one of said reviewers, actually posted an apology and an explanation as to what happened. He begins "We screwed up", and explains what happened. Props to them for the apology, though I do wonder if they're only doing it to save face with Warner Bros.

Further, they promise to do a re-review once the review embargo ends, which they reveal is September 14th, a day before release.

[Thanks, Anon commenter!]

Question of the week: How important are controls to a game?

This week's question is most inspired by yesterday's "review debacle". You can check out the first post here and the second post here if you haven't already.

Aside from the stupid crap they did (namely, breaking a review embargo while reviewing an incomplete preview build!), the Reviews on the Run guys felt the controls of Scribblenauts was its one and only flaw, but it must have been a bad one. So bad that one of the reviewers dropped the score 30% for that one complaint. It lead me to wondering just how important controls are to people.

Can you forgive a good game with bad controls? Do controls matter more to a certain genre than others? Can controls actually ruin what would otherwise be a great game? In the grand scheme of ratings (Graphics, Gameplay, Longevity, Controls, Presentation, etc. etc.), where would you rank controls?

As always, feel free to leave your comment below. No need for registration or anything silly like that.

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PAX in Pictures (Day 2)

Yesterday I gathered up a bunch of PAX impressions people were posting over on Twitter. Well, today was more of the same, but honestly a good 90% were "Wow, Scribblenauts kicks ass!", and while seemingly accurate, it's not exactly interesting reading material.

Instead I'll share some pictures of the Scribblenauts booth and people playing it...including one certain assassin...

[Again, this will be updated throughout the night. I'm on EST, meaning PAX is occurring 3 hours in the past to me. PAX is open until 3:00am, so expect even more media as people head home]

Oops! That review I mentioned earlier? Well, something WAS fishy...

And that something was that they reviewed a preview copy. Which was purposefully stripped of features. And they broke the review embargo. Jackson over at GAF tells us why G4 is full of shit...

The "review" isn't real they scored a preview build what they did was unethical they broke the review embargo date early by reviewing an older preview build that had lots purposefully missing they should know better and you won't find this "review" online. I'm typing from my iPhone at PAX so excuse my sentence structure

Wow. As I mentioned below - when I first reported on the review this morning - something felt very weird about the whole thing. The score didn't match their words at all and the review itself seemed REALLY early. Initially I speculated that they broke the embargo and rated the game low in order to generate publicity. I edited out that part after reviewing my work, figuring that I shouldn't accuse them of such a thing with no evidence.

Well, I'm back to accusing them. They broke their embargo, reviewed a incomplete preview build, and rated it low based on problems that might not even exist in the final copy. That's low, a new low of gaming journalism that tarnishes the reputations of them all. It's misleading to consumers and damaging to the companies.

One must question what exactly they had to gain from all of this. Certainly it severely damaged their reputation among Warner Bros and 5TH Cell. You got to wonder...were they really doing it for publicity?

First review hits, definitely not that flattering

Scribblenauts finally received its first review score, which seems a bit weird as it was my understanding the game is under review embargo. Anyways, it was on the show called "Reviews on the Run", which airs on a Canadian version of G4.

You can find said review right here. Simply click the "Reviews on the Run" tab and select the September 4th episode. Then you're good to go.

So, the final scores?

7.0 and 7.5


Now before you have your hearts broken TOO much I'd like to take a look at this review. It's actually pretty weird, as the score doesn't seem match up with their review. They spend about 3 minutes explaining and praising the game, and it'soOnly in the last 30 seconds or so do they mention how the controls were a pain. Apparently a single problem, one they seemingly only brush over, drops the score by 30%. Honestly, it makes me suspect their review scores were purposefully skewed lower due to other reasons. At the end they mention that it didn't live up to their expectations stemming from the E3 hype, which leads me to believe they were disappointed due to being overhyped. Perhaps that is why they were more harsh on it than I was expecting.

Also, though I have no idea if they are breaking their review embargo or not, I'd say the possibility is likely given the fact other big sites and publications must have their review copies by now. If the embargo is up then we would have certainly seen other reviews by now, right? But we haven't, and so far they've been the only people to get a review in. Strange.

Of course, all of this could also mean that the controls really are THAT big of an issue, something we should all keep in mind as well. Control issues can be dealbreakers for people.

Regardless, as far as I know this is the first review to hit, so looks like we'll be seeing more over the next week.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Official website adds 4 more wallpapers

Head over to their downloads page and check 'em out for yourself! It might be a little confusing to find them - the arrows to navigate wallpapers seem to blend into the background. But you should be able to see it to the right of the first wallpaper.

In total we now have 5 backgrounds. All of them are pretty slick, but the one with the flying pigs is definitely my favorite.

PAX Impressions from Twitter (Day 1)

tinysubversions Oh wow. Scribblenauts is AMAZING.

majornelson Loving Scribblenauts. I need to get someone from that project on my show.

sleet01 Chillaxin' in BYOC. Scribblenauts was so amusing and entertaining I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

maro254 I'm at PAX today doing "research". The game that has most impressed me (you know other than Duels & MO) is a DS game called Scribblenauts.

Lag0s omg scribblenauts is so many win #pax09

JoMasta Everyone loves the WB booth and Scribblenauts!

in_orbit Scribblenauts is pretty much the greatest game in history. A bold statement, yes, but just trust me on this one. #scribblenauts #pax

Brian_Lutz Favorite games I've seen at #PAX so far: Scribblenauts, Muramasa, DeathSpank. Waiting for Diablo 3i now.

nakedinternsusi no really, it smells like PAX. strong, musty, PAXers. goo. and I want Scribblenauts. now.

Sorry for the lack of posts today, it was busy on my end. Throughout the day I've been collecting various impressions and pictures off of Twitter from people playing the game. These are my compilations of day one.

[Note] I'll be updating this throughout the night

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Incredibly inspiring story of the start and success of 5TH Cell. Also discusses plans for the Wii and Xbox Live

The Seattle Times posted a story today detailing the humble beginnings of 5TH Cell, revealing some interesting backstory of the development studio behind Scribblenauts.

Turns out 5TH Cell began as just two people who met one another online. Though they initially wanted to make bigger online games they found that their lack of funds held them back, forcing them to start small and work on mobile games. After signing with some publishers they started to see the cash flow a bit and set their sights on the DS. Nintendo initially rejected their first "Drawn to Life" concept, but almost a year later changed their mind after a second pitch. DtL went on to sell a million copies, more than enough to fund their next projects. Inbetween this all they saw growing and shrinking in their tiny development studio, sometimes forced to lay people off when money was low.

Their story is literally that of a Cinderella Story, a rags to riches tale of four guys who didn't even meet until they signed a deal with THQ at E3. It's a really incredible story, one you don't hear too much of nowadays.

Towards the end it's easy to miss this last bit of interesting info. We know 5TH Cell wants to break out of the handheld market...but where are they most likely to be headed? Well...

THQ agreed to publish the title, which sold a million copies and funded what's now a 34-person studio putting the finishing touches on "Scribblenauts" and aiming to release games for the Wii and Xbox Live in the next year or two.

Scribblenauts is bound to propel them even higher on the game development food chain, making them a studio we should definitely keep an eye on in the future.

Scribblenauts gets a launch party at the Nintendo World Store


Maybe I'm rusty on my Nintendo knowledge, but when was the last time they gave such special treatment to a 3rd party game? I know Muramasa has a launch party coming up, but that game has already been released in Japan and is a "proven" game, topping the sales charts in the first week of its release.

Regardless, it would seem Scribblenauts will enjoy an early launch event on September 13th, 2009.

On Sunday, Sept. 13, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be hosting an exclusive launch event to celebrate the debut of the already acclaimed Scribblenauts, available for Nintendo DS and DSi. The Nintendo World store will be the only place that consumers can purchase their copies of Scribblenauts (while supplies last) before its official launch on Sept. 15, and the event will feature an autograph signing with Scribblenauts creative director Jeremiah Slaczka, fun and informative game demos, exclusive premium item giveaways and many more fun activities.

The Scribblenauts scene will take place...

Sunday, September 13th
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Nintendo World store
10 Rockefeller Plaza (at 48th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10020

So not only do you get the game two days early, but you also get to hang out with 5TH Cellers, grab some autographs, watch people play it, earn some prizes...ugh. This is one event I really wish I could attend! But as a poor college kid in my senior year, it's hard to justify the cost, a 14 hour car ride (round trip to NYC) and missing class for the launch of a video game. Still...I so wish I could make it happen.

Ah well. If you guys do live in New York or close to it then definitely mark that day on your calender. And take pictures so I can be jealous of you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FYI: Scribblenauts will be at PAX

PAX (or Penny Arcade Expo) is coming soon. Indeed, it's coming basically tomorrow. Registration is starts Thursday with the big floor days throughout Friday and the weekend. PAX is pretty big nowadays and has earned the reputation of E3 for people who aren't journalists.

Anyways, a lot of people are attending this (from the industry and fans themselves) and I've seen some wondering if Scribblenauts will be there. I come bearing good news you may have surmised from the title of this post! It's there. Not only will it be there, but so will 5TH Cell, including Jeremiah Slaczka himself. And as he states on the NeoGAF forums...

Make sure gaffers say whats up to me and the other 5TH Cellers manning the scrib booths. I'll be floating around from time to time. :)

So yeah! If you don't already have tickets you're out of luck, but if you DO have tickets...then, well, go forth and Scribble! We got a good amount media and impressions from GamesCom, so I can only expect we'll get some cool things here as well.

Well here's a weird contest

File this under "Scribblenauts seriously appeals to everyone", I guess.

Ever hear of Well, you have heard of it now, and there aren't any surprises to that site...they literally have resources for people with kids. That's about it. So how they managed to offer a contest like this one is beyond me. I imagine that parents would be busy citing videogames as the reason for obesity or war or perhaps genocide.

Anyways, there doesn't seem like there's much to it. Enter a name and email and you're in the drawing. Three winners will be announced. As long as this copy doesn't like...accidentally get you pregnant or something, there doesn't seem to be any catch.

Grab some new screens for Back to School week

Scribblenauts has an official Facebook page now...which is apparently different than this one. I imagine they're both for Australia and one for North America? Who knows. Hopefully confusion will be cleared up once the official website (man, am I tired of typing the word "official"!) links to them properly.

Regardless, it's a safe bet to assume it's official (last time) given these 5 new pictures celebrating the time honored tradition of...going back to school. It shows 5 levels being solved with school related items. Let's take a look...

A desk, a chair, an alarm, a bell, a clock, and of course an apple...all makes for the perfect tower to get over an obstacle.

Attack of the school supplies! Not sure if that'll help you knock down the bottles, though. Check out the size of that tack!

Coffee (or tea). As the boyfriend to an aspiring teacher, I can tell you that some sort of pick-me-up in the morning is VERY important. And, thankfully for this guy, very refreshing.


The best way to catch a butterfly is to recruit an army of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Albert Einstein. Obviously.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Level Editor: Exploring the (near infinite) possibilities

Scribblenauts is a big game. Is that really new to anyone? Probably not. As if 220 levels weren't enough for you, though, we also know that we'll be seeing a level editor. This editor is unlocked right at the start allowing people to jump in and edit levels they've played. A lot of companies can make the claim of "INFINITE REPLAY!" with level editors which, let's face it, never pans out. With Scribblenauts' impressive object dictionary and every combination with 220 levels...well...the number of possible interesting levels is quite high.

What we know:

--You can't create your own level designs. Instead, you use one of the 220 existing levels as templates to build a level around

--You populate the level with items similar to how you would in game. There is an item limit as well

--Items can have custom built properties in relation to other items. Bears can fear honey. Zombies can follow cars. Etc. The exact functionality of this system isn't known

--As of right now one can only create action levels. You can freely place the star anywhere.

--You can share levels with your friends via friend codes. The amount of friends is unknown. It's been confirmed you can save up to 8 levels. It's unknown if this is TOTAL (a combination of levels you make/levels you download), but we can assume it is

--It's possible to set a name, a hint, and music for each level

As we can see, there's an awful lot of customization and freedom with this system despite the restrictions. With 220 templates you'll most likely find any level that'll work with one you want to make. Perhaps most exciting aspect is the ability to play with item relationships. This allows people to make really awesome custom levels with rules no one can predict.

So what exactly is possible with this? Well, NGamer Magazine in their latest tweet mentioned they recreated a Pikmin-esque level with the system. Now that's pretty cool, and it makes me wonder what other type of custom levels you could create. With every object at your fingertips you could spawn background items (like walls), platforms, etc. I mean hell, could it be possible to recreate Super Mario Bros. 1-1 level? Probably!

What I want to see more of is the custom relationships. How powerful can we get? Can we make two items which normally hate each other suddenly not? Maybe zombies could pair up with humans while riding, I don't know! But further, I'm interested to see how we could have relationships with items not yet on screen. I feel that would be important. You could make bears fear honey if you have the honey and bear on the level. But could you have it so the bear fears ALL food? With Objectnaut each item has many properties we could feasible take advantage of, and I do hope we see that. I'm not holding my breath, though.

By being able to share these online (though limited to friend codes) we could conceivably have communities which do nothing but make levels and share them. It won't be as powerful or freeform as, say, Little Big Planet, but it COULD happen. It's definitely something I want to explore via this site as well.

So tell me, what type of level do you hope to make?

"Downloads" section of the Scribblenauts website opens up, offers cool stuff

Though the new site has been up for a couple of weeks now the "Downloads" section has remained suspiciously under construction. Today it would appear construction has been completed. At least part of it.

You can find a lot of cool stuff in this new section. Wallpapers, icons, ringtones...the full monty. There are two objects we currently can't get - a widget and a screensaver - but I imagine we'll be seeing those by the end of the week.

The wallpaper seems cool at least, and I think it'd be hilarious to have a Scribblenauts ringtone, but I do wonder how much the other media will see use. Anyways, head over there now and check it out!

Monday, August 31, 2009

I can only hope Scribblenauts spawns infinite inspiration for fan art

Eric Wiryanata

Because those three submissions to Super Punch's art contest are just plain awesome.

Live in Australia/New Zealand? Have a good imagination? Want to win Scribblenauts and rooster hats?

If the answer to all of those (complicated) questions is a resounding "YES!", then Vooks has the contest for you., an Australian-based video game website, has revealed one of the cooler contests we've seen. They've outlined a scenario - which I will quote below - and have asked their readers to solve it as creatively as they can. Two winners will receive a copy of the game and a rooster helmet. Two runner ups will receive just the rooster helmet.

You can read more about the contest right here, and the scenario of the game below...

You wake up to realize there’s a T-rex in your front yard! Summoning three different items, how will you get past the terrifying dinosaur so you can get to school or work?
But wait there’s more!

Whilst open-ended, your items must follow these rules (the same rules of the game)

1) Must be a noun
2) No naughty stuff, adults-only stuff or swear words
3) No trademarks or characters (so ’car’ is fine, but Ford Falcon is not; favourites such as Mario, Link and Samus are unfortunately not allowed).

Simply jot down (in fewer than 200 words), act out or draw, how you’ll do the above impossible feat. Remember contestants, we’re looking for creative solutions here, not just the most powerful items. We will be particularly interested in seeing ideas that implement the items three TOGETHER in a uniquely innovative way!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Question of the week: On what platforms would you like to see Scribblenauts on?

5TH Cell has announced in the past they want to move on from the DS. In addition, they've told us we haven't seen the last of Scribblenauts. This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that eventually Scribblenauts could hit another platform, whether as a direct port, a remake, or perhaps even a sequel.

So my question for you guys is this: what platforms do you want to see Scribblenauts moved to? The PC for modding and the possibility of user generated content? The 360/PS3 with vastly improved graphics and physics engine? The Wii with the possibility for motion/pointer controls? Or do you never want to see it leave the DS?

Drop me a comment at the bottom of this page. You don't have to register or even supply a name, so anyone can participate.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Past week in Scribblenautics: August 23rd to August 29th

It was a slow week last week. GamesCom was over and we really just received "spill over" in the way of media and previews. Next week is PAX (at the end) and we can definitely expect some more previews, videos, impressions, and maybe a contest or two to keep us busy.

Today is August 29th. There are 16 days left before the release of Scribblenauts in North America.

Here's what you may have missed...


--Last week was a week of delays. Europe had a confirmed delay, pushing the date back to October 9th. Australia also had a delay, pushing it back to the 30th. If you're a bit confused about all these regions and how you fit into this, check out a post I made to help make things clear.

--We had a bit more commercial speculation as a talent agency claims one of their talents booked a Scribblenauts commercial. Intriguing!

--Gamestop runs out of rooster helmets...hope you preordered already!

--Did Scribblenauts spread to Facebook? Seems that way

Previews, Interviews, and Impressions

--GamesCom came and went last week, but we're still seeming some impressions roll in. You can check out my gigantic community impressions compilations as well as a new preview that tells us stories of time traveling milk turning into cheese. No joke.


--A bunch of assorted videos from GamesCom

--Like shaky cams? Eh, neither do I. But they're better than nothing!

--5 bite sized videos for your viewing pleasure


--Thinkin' bout possible Scribblenauts challenges to make the game more fun, difficult, or just plain interesting

--Confession time...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Clearing up the delay confusion: what we know so far

I've been seeing a lot of confusion in regards to the release date in various regions. Some regions have seen delays while others have not which is causing some people to mix up release dates. Hopefully this post will clear up any confusion on the matter.

North America: Originally scheduled for the 15th, and has not been delayed. Still coming out on September 15th. Source (make sure to read it carefully, hehe)

Europe: Originally scheduled for the 25th, it recently received a 2 week delay. It is now coming out October 9th. Source

Australia: Originally scheduled for the 16th, it recently received a 2 week delay. It is now coming out September 30th. Source

European release date confirmed to be October 9th

This has more or less been common knowledge since GamesCom. However, a lot of people were confused or thinking it might be a mistake. Game stores have changed the release date all over the place, from October to September back to's been a mess.

EuroGamer was able to get a hold of Warner Bro
s. and revealed that there was indeed a delay. For you Europeans, the date to mark is October 9th, a little over 3 weeks past the US date.

As one preorder bonuses disappears, another takes its place

Bad news for fans of rooster helmets who have yet to preorder.

It seems Gamestop/EB Games has removed the banner announcing the rooster helmet preorder bonus. Indeed, any mention of the bonus has been removed entirely from their website. I'm going to assume this means they're out of stock. I'll await confirmation before saying it's gone, but it's looking that way.

However, if you're still itching for a preorder bonus, then perhaps you should check out Gamecrazy, who is offering a Scribblenauts notebook as THEIR preorder bonus. It's not the same as the rooster hat, and I'm about 90% sure this notebook can't summon in any object you want...but it's better than nothing, right?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scribblenauts gets a two week delay in Australia

Update: Courtesy of Vooks. Forgot to cite my source!

Bad news for the people in the land down under. Remember the European delay last week? Well, it's not that bad here, but I'm sure it feels that way.

Originally scheduled for September 16th, the launch date was pushed back two weeks until September 30th.

Some of you may remember the presumably lofty goal of a simultaneous worldwide release stated by 5TH Cell earlier in the year. Well, though I'm not sure how one defines simultaneous, but right now we have the NA version out the 15th, the European version out in October, and now the Australian version out the 30th.

As far as I know there has been no stated reasons for the delays, though due to their rather small lengths I'll assume it's either due to localization or other publisher-related problems, such as perhaps production. Publishing games worldwide is definitely complex work. Still, can't help but be disappointed for our friends overseas.

Confession time: I have the Scribblenauts guide on preorder

It's true. Oh god, I'm so ashamed. After all, doesn't a guide entirely destroy the entire purpose of a game like Scribblenauts? Even if the challenges ARE difficult, the idea is to use your imagination to solve the level...not the imagination of some stranger writing a guide!

Well, in truth, I decided to pick it up due to pretty much everything else BUT the boasted 880 solutions. Let's take a look at the feature list:

Solutions: Every level description will feature 3 different solutions, as well as one obscure solution, to solving each puzzle with the fewest objects in the shortest time. With over 220 levels, this guide contains over 880+ strategies.
Obscure Words: Over 700+ obscure words you would never have thought of directly from the dev team!
Level Creation: Learn the tricks you need to build the most creative and elaborate levels possible.
Art Poster: Pullout art poster included!
Dev tips: Exclusive dev tips for objects, level creation, crazy solutions, and much more!
Behind-the-Scenes: A detailed behind the scenes look into this year’s biggest blockbuster.

Alright, so hopefully my sins aren't TOO bad after looking over this list. Like I said, I'm fine with ignoring the solutions. The fact that this is an "official" guide means we get all sorts of other cool goodies. For example, we apparently will get suggestions for over 700 "obscure" words from the developers themselves. Speaking of 5TH Cell, it seems they also have some gameplay tips (including level creation and insane solutions) as well as some behind the scenes stuff. And to top it all off it looks like we get a poster of Post 217.

As I'm (more than a little) interested in Scribblenauts I decided the guide will simply be some other cool thing to go along with it. It reminds me of back when I was a kid and I'd buy the Pokemon strategy guides just for the built in Pokedex. I loved just looking at the pictures, reading various development history, etc. I hope to recapture that feeling with this guide.

Or maybe I'm just trying to rationalize it. Who knows? Interestingly enough, if you purchase the guide and the game over at Amazon, you'll probably pay close to the price of a typically priced console game. That's pretty cool.

GamesCom preview actually reveals new, really awesome stuff

Ah, finally! I was getting a little annoyed that every preview I've been sharing has to be prefaced with, "Well it doesn't really show anything NEW...". This preview, by a website called Video Gamer, DOES indeed reveal some cool new stuff. It actually may surprise you.

So then! The highlights.

--If you're holding milk while using a time machine it turns into cheese when you emerge. If you toss that cheese into a freezer a block of ice with cheese in the middle will pop out.

--There exists a level where you have a rescue a king from a cage. The lever to open the cage is guarded by a dragon, who in turn is guarded by fire. There's also a chasm that prevents the king from escaping. Lots of little challenges.

--God and Satan are the only two religious figures to make the final list. I wonder if that means no Zeus/Thor/etc.

--You can store up to 8 user created levels. Well, the direct quote it you could "build" up to 8 of them, but I assume the wording suggests you have room for 8 levels.

I was shocked at the cheese bit. Utterly shocked. I mean it makes perfect sense, right? Cheese is basically aged milk. But the fact they would include that is so mind blowing.

The fact God/Satan are the only religious figures is kinda disappointing. I'm going to assume this means no Greek gods, though I would assume mythological creatures are obviously still in the mix, despite their very strong ties with religion.

I also am impressed the DS can store up to 8 user created levels, as the real estate on this cart can't be cheap. I imagine people will constantly be switching levels in and out as well (due to the nature of the game) so the amount we can hold isn't even that important.

This new preview with actual news is a breath of fresh air. I do hope that we see more things like it in the coming weeks. Remember...less than 3 weeks until release. It's getting close.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Five bite sized videos to cure Shaky Cam Syndrome

For the last two weeks I haven't been able to bring you guys anything but shaky cam videos. The quality of such vids really takes a nosedive, and half the time I spend more time trying to figure out what's going on than actually watching the video.

Anyways, enough of that. GamingXP Com brings us 5 very short (all under 1 minute) videos showcasing basically one event each. You get to see a Giant Enemy Crab vs. a mech, Death vs. a mech, a Jurassic Park reference...among some other things. Check 'em out below.

More commercial speculation

You might remember the rumor I reported on about a month back about a possible European Scribblenauts commercial. Well, though we have no proof that commercial exists, we just got confirmation (of sorts) that SOMETHING is happening.

A twitter updated alerted me of this new tweet, done by the UDT Agency...

Talent Andrew Christian was booked for a Scribblenauts commercial!

Oh, really?

So we don't know much, if at all, other than a real live person was booked for the position. Whatever it may be. A quick Google search of Andrew Christian reveals this guy:

Hmm! Intriguing! Stay tuned, as if they're casting for the commercial (and the game comes out in less than 3 weeks), I think it's safe to say we'll be seeing commercials pretty soon.


A new preview and a few new "shaky cam" videos

No need for introductions here, so let's get right to it.

G4TV was able to get their hands on the game again, this time writing up a pretty detailed preview on the game. He describes two action levels they tried out, both of which sound new. I won't bother explaining them here as he does a good job in his preview, so go check it out.

Next up we have a few new videos from a Portuguese website called UOL. They have a preview up that I cannot read, but I'll assume it's nothing new. What they do have, though, are 3 videos for your viewing pleasure. The first two are mostly typical "overview" type videos, but the last shows a bunch of dog breeds being summoned. The game does a pretty good job at popping out a unique asset for every animal.

Lastly we have some "shaky cams", presumably taken from GamesCom. These are definitely not my favorite type of videos, but hey, no sense not sharing them, eh? Let's take a look.

This is a funny video showing Maxwell, armed with a sword, destroying everything. Dogs, bees, trailers, lawn gnomes...all of them feel the wrath of his mighty sword. It's pretty funny.

The person playing the game here speaks Spanish. As if to prove that fact, he spawns in a bull and matador, followed by a tortilla and chili. Alright, alright, we get it! He then...makes a baby drive a car?

Anyways, we get a brief look at a new level, though we're left in the dark in regards to the objectives. It seems you must save a black bear, though there's a mean polar bear underneath him. My first thought would be the melt the ice...he decided to dig. The video ends before anything happens, though.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thinkin' about challenges

I've mentioned before that I don't think Scribblenauts will be that difficult of a game. This isn't to say that's a bad thing, though. In the beginning - going back a couple of months ago - this disappointed me. As a fan of the puzzle genre I prefer those games to be difficult. However, as I learned more and watched actual people playing the game I realized that the difficult is mostly self imposed. Levels will probably be chock full of "boring" solutions that are easy, but where's the fun in that? The whole point is to challenge yourself, to use your imagination, to be creative!

I'd say a fair amount of people have also picked up on that notion which leads me to the point of this article. People have already come up with different challenges and restrictions they could force themselves to do in order to experience the game in a different manner. Perhaps you ban a certain type of object or you only allow them a narrow selection. Either way, those sort of challenges are fun to come up with, so I've decided to share a few of my own that I plan on doing once I get my hands on the game. Who knows? Perhaps one day we could be seeing Scribblenauts Tournaments that make use of these rule subsets.

1. It's like I'm really playing Pokemon

Though Scribblenauts does not have a very robust battle system it does have a very thorough bestiary. As anyone who knows the world of Pokemon realizes (and I gather there are a lot of you), Pokemon trainers don't do crap. Even small tasks - such as cutting down tree saplings - are done with Pokemon.

Creatures cutting down trees for their owners...?

Seeing where I'm going with this?

The idea of this challenge would be to solve every level using creatures. You, the player, would be disallowed from doing any task that would require a tool. For everything else you'd need a creature of some sort. They'd provide transportation, protection, and various utilities like being able to eat wood. Think you could do it?

2. Around the alphabet

A lot of people have already come up with ideas for letter based challenges. Perhaps you have to solve levels only using words that begin with the letter "B", or maybe only with words that don't have an "E" in them. But this challenge should provide an extra layer of depth to the mix.

Each item you summon is restricted to a letter of the alphabet that is constantly changing. Your first item must begin with an "A", while your second item must begin with a "B", and so on. Once you hit "Z" you'd wrap around to "A" and repeat the cycle. The idea would to be to go through the entire game like this with the intent to have the fewest amount of cycles.

Though someone could technically spawn "junk" answers until they hit a letter that helps them, that would only server to increase their par and cycle count, keeping the challenge balanced.

3. MacGyver Style

Alright, look around the room you're in. Look at all the objects at your disposal. Think you can solve a level with them?

This challenge I feel has the opportunity to be one of the coolest. The idea is that because Scribblenauts contains (near) every object you could possibly have in your house it would entirely be possible to summon in items in your room to help you in game. MacGyver, as you SHOULD know, is famous for solving problems and situations using nothing but the items at his disposal, no matter how useless they might seem.

I imagine most people don't have an axe or chainsaw lying around, so imagine a level as simple as 1-1 and how that changes everything. Spawn a bed, perhaps, and jump on top of it to grab the starite out of the tree. Or maybe you have to rely on glue and a bunch of office supplies to build a makeshift pole and knock it to the ground. Seriously, by forcing creativity by focusing on the use of otherwise mundane items really turns the whole point of the game on its head. It's a challenge I'd love to long as I'm in a decently sized room!

A bunch of assorted new videos

I've been collecting some new videos I've seen around the 'net recently. None of them have been "newsworthy", but I figure a whole bunch of them at once warrants a post! I'd say a lot of these are from GamesCom with at least one interview in there.

This is a pretty neat "interview" of sorts with Jeremiah. He talks a lot about the success of Scribblenauts, how the hype has been almost entirely user generated, and how shocked they were everything has worked out the way it has. I think we can all agree Scribblenauts and 5TH Cell deserves all of this.

This is a very blurry, kind of uninteresting video. I share it, though, if only so we can all laugh when the guy a) summons a mine (building) instead of the explosive, and b) actually summons the explosive and blows himself up in the process. Definitely sounds like something I'd do.

These are a series of very short videos showing some level or interesting thing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Scribblenauts expands to Facebook, rewards us with new pictures

Last week the Scribblenauts website went a crazy overhaul. After it emerged, a beautiful butterfly compared to the ugly catterpilla it was before (wait, where am I going with this?), we noticed a few links on the bottom, suspciously letting us know that a Facebook page, Twitter page, and fan site page were "coming soon".

It seems at least one of those has happened...or so it looks. Check out this Scribblenauts page on Facebook. It seems to have turned official! You'll notice the page talks about Q&A sessions and has a bunch of new screenshots from various levels. Below I shall post said screenshots, but if you're part of Facebook then you should definitely become a fan. Seems we might have a chance to win swag, get new media, etc.!

Now onto the screenshots.

You'll recognize this scenario as one of the pictures posted on the official website. We now know it's indeed a level, and we also know the objective: dress Maxwell up for a halloween party. Cool stuff.

We've probably already seen this level as well. Seems like Maxwell has to complete 3 different carnival games. At least one of them looks like you have to dunk the man into the pool. That's definitely my favorite thing to do at a carnival! Well, that, a fried dough. Mmm.

Anyways, I guess it's not 100% confirmed to be official yet, but I think we can safely assume so at this point, judging by the evidence. So yeah! Like I said, become a fan! Support the devs, invite your buddies!

Asssorted GamesCom impressions

As GamesCom wore on I made sure to keep track of various people talking about their time with the game over forums and Twitter. I've made a compilation of sorts of various people who had something to say about the game. It's "real" and uncut impressions, and those tend to be the most accurate ones.


#GamesCom Scribblenauts is made of condensed, high-octane awesome mixed with an overdose of win. I had god shoot a zombie with a shotgun.

#GamesCom Scribblenauts: Also had a Dinosaur vs Dragon fight while keyboard cat was playing in the background. Was killed by the Dragon tho.

First disappointment in Scribblenauts. You can't wear too many items together. Can't wear glasses and a hat at the same time.


And scribblenauts is awesome as everyone thinks.

Controls may need some refinement. I sometimes had trouble having my scribblenaut interact with the items. But they may also be because I had to figure everything out by myself ina very short time.

One thing I tried was a Cop vs. Zomie fight. The cop lost , got turned into a zombie and then the zombies killed me. I also learned that God will ride on donkeys.


Yes, Scribblenauts is as awesome as I imagined. Note: sailors are sissies against Krakkens.


Gamescom Scribblenauts Awesomeness: 'God in a tank vs Cthulhu' works in German build.


First of all, I was always wondering if there is a "sandbox" level that just lets you summon things and see how they interact. The title screen is that very thing. I challenged the dictionary by summoning El Chupacabra and gave him a goat to eat. He looked very weird, though, and it seems like not every object in this game has its own dedicated sprite.

What you won't want to hear is that the interface is very clumsy. Everything is done with the stylus, so it's very overused, which leads to accidentally doing things you didn't mean to do. I later talked to other people who had the same problems. Of course, I have to add that there are 11 tutorial levels to ease you into the interface, and we didn't have time to get used to it.

I also played a few levels, and the game not only gives you bonus points for using new objects on every level, but also for using obscure objects. There was one level unlocked where you had to dress up a mannequin; using a simple hat - sweater - jeans combo gives you little points, but giving it a dress, a sombrero and a pair of gloves already resulted in a moderate amount of Style Points, as they are called. The game also seems to keep track of every word you ever entered, which might add insane amounts of replay value if done right.

So, my opinion of this game is as follows: I need to play it for way longer before I can really have one. It might get a lot better once you get used to the interface and get to the more challenging levels. However, I can say with absolute certainty that this is not a holy grail of gaming, so please don't expect one. This game will be loved by many people who appreciate the unique concept, including me, but it isn't nearly as polished as Persona 4 or even Super Mario 64. You can expect tons of trolls and haters who will pirate this game, play it for 10 minutes and come to this board to call it boring and easy... but personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing what this game has to offer and how it will eventually turn out.


We only tried a few levels (1-1, 1-3, 1-4 and 1-5 IIRC), focusing on testing the vocabulary and gameplay. One thing really surprised us - the puzzles were really difficult, even this early in the game! Maybe we were just thinking too far, but we couldn't beat two of those levels (1-4 and 1-5) at all... And there were three of us. I'll post more detailed impressions later, but there is one notable thing. Even though you can use literally everything in the game, you never feel overpowered. The levels (at least the first few) are designed so that you cannot use the 'easy' solutions (eg. take a plane to get somewhere high, dig a hole under a wall, teleport somewhere); each object has its own limitations, just like in real life, and you really have to think to solve the puzzles.

But then of course, we maybe just thought too much...

What was cool as well, was the creativity all throughout the game. If you type in 'answer', a Starite will appear - but it's the wrong one. A 'teleporter' teleports you somewhere into outer space, time machines work too (but everyone knows that due to Post 217), rickroll, NeoGAF and keyboard cat work.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Question of the week: What would it take for you to be ok with a delay?

Games get delayed all the time and for all sorts of reasons. Some get delayed because the game isn't ready, others get delayed because the publisher wants to release it at a more advantageous time. And as users from Europe know, sometimes it gets delayed without much of an explanation at all.

My question for you guys is this: what would it take for you to accept a delay? Let's say they added even MORE items in or more unique objects for items. Or maybe they add the ability to download new items. Or perhaps they revamp some area of the game, such as the controls, or combat.

Or, perhaps, you'd never be ok with a delay!

Either way, let me know, drop me a comment at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Past week in Scribblenautics: August 16th to August 22nd

This was a busy one largely in part due to GamesCom. We have lots of news, lots of impressions, and a RIDICULOUS amount of screenshots and videos. It's only going to get crazier as the release date nears closer and closer. We're now under a month until release. Getting excited yet?

Today is August 22nd. There 23 days left before the release of Scribblenauts in North America.

Here's what you may have missed...


--Scribblenauts absolutely demolishes preorder sales among DS and console games alike. Is anyone really surprised?

--Seems Europe has had their release date pushed back to October. Still up in the air on this one, doesn't seem like we've see much in the way of official confirmation.

--Wanna win some Scribblenauts swag? Of course you do!

Previews, Interviews, and Impressions

--The Flick Cast releases a hands-on and video, though nothing really new was learned.

--Game Trailers interviews Jeremiah, and it makes for a very entertaining video to watch

--Could 5TH Cell actually be done developing for the DS after Scribblenauts?

--Kotaku asks for "the pitch"

--The Scribblenauts website received a MASSIVE update. Check it out, as well as my "impressions" on it, on this page right here.


--Check out the new trailer/commercial for Scribblenauts...especially if you like to hear about all the rewards it has won

--Ten new screenshots chock full of references and other cool stuff

--Check out a bunch of pictures from GamesCom thanks to Twitter user @krystman. Part 1 here, and part 2 here

--With the website revamp we also were treated to 19 brand new screenshots

--You in the mood for some weird German videos from GamesCom?'s one, and then here's two more

--IGN, as usual, had the 4th edition of the Friday Feature, this time covering various creatures duking it out

--Finally, check out these two videos from GamesCom. One shows us a bunch of animal breeds, the other shows people playing some levels