Sunday, June 10, 2012

Official site opens up, lots of new screenshots

Not sure when it popped up, but the official site can now be clicked on and enjoyed. The trailer is the same as E3, but we do get some juicy new screenshots!

A wild west theme. Meets aliens. And uh, a crashed jet plane? Wild Wild West 2 confirmed 

Phantom of the Opera meets Cubivore. Meets an elephant.

Yeah, ok, like the guy in the $3000 banana suit would travel on anything but a giant ape. COME ON.

Ok, I understand this is probably a Monty Python reference, but that rabbit is freaking me out

Out of everything in this shot, I'm most shocked by the rib cage to the left. What's his deal?

Coming to TLC this Fall!

I think we've all had this nightmare before, eh?

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