Monday, July 20, 2009

And now for something completely different

I'm quitting this blog. Oh no!

Well, truth is, I love this game, more than I should, but I'm getting increasingly saturated in new info. Edge released their contest winner videos and showed off a very...very simple solution to this problem.

These are solutions I'd prefer to find out myself. I hate I'm getting increasingly spoiled every day. And yet, as a blogger, I'm expected to keep you guys up to date on the latest news.

So I'm going to stop. You got plenty of news sources, and indeed, just take a look at my affiliates to the right hand side and find other people just like me.

It's been fun!


  1. Don't do it Penguin, you're very good at what you do my friend. I as well as a lot of other's have been counting on you for the latest info, and look at it this way: With ten's of thousands of words in the game, and the MILLIONS of solutions for the simplest of levels (not to mention the replay value tied in with the 80 merits and level editor, the game is UNSPOILABLE (sp?) DON'T GIVE UP, PENGUIN!

    Oh! On a completely unrelated note, I had almost the exact idea as Kscorp, except my idea was to glue a butterfly net to the Pterodactyl, ride it under the cage, throw a boomerang to bust said cage, then catch the star, and drag it to me. Sad huh?

  2. I know the feeling. I feel the same way. I hope I can resist the temptation to quit, though.

    I've definitely been more wary about watching level videos lately. I don't want to see any actual solutions. But gathering info about the basic mechanics of the game is still totally fine.

    I'll miss your blog, SP. You were an awesome affiliate.

  3. Oh hey, Penguin. Even though you're quitting, I just want to thank you for making this blog to start with, it's been a very central hub in finding out Scribblenauts info; you often found things out before anyone else. You've done a stunning job and it's sad to see you go.

    Of course, even if you're discovering new ways to solve the levels from videos, you should get to work finding BETTER ways to solve them. :V

  4. Penguin, you are so wrong, i understand your position and your idea, its like mine, and like everybuddy else. its just. listen.
    When you will get to those levels, believe me you won't remember how to do it excetly as spoiled. untill you will get to world 10. it will take you days! and the only thing that really got spoiled is that you can remove the top hat and open the cage. but let me remind you this. IF THE DS WAS AT ANYONE ELSE HE WILL TRY FIRST TO REMOVE HIS TOPHAT AND OPEN THE CAGE NORMALLY! its just Edge did a shame work about not telling us all the normal details.

    you shouldn't quit. and I do expect to hear more new news from you!

  5. Dude comon, don't stop now. How the hell am I supposed to get all my scribblenauts news in one place?

  6. DillydallyshillyJuly 20, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    I agree with the guy who said that anyone's normal instinct (as long as they aren't looking into it too much) would be to remove the top hat and try and open the cage.

    Anyway as others have said above, there is no reason you can't find your own solution (pretending you don't know how simple it is)for 10-6 or any other level for that matter!

    SirPenguin, be a trooper! WE NEED YOU!

  7. That makes me said that your quiting...

  8. You could just post the videos without watching them. ;)

  9. I've only recently come across this blog, but I found it the best source for Scribblenauts news.

    I don't remember being this excited about a video game since the glory days of games like Goldeneye and Zelda (on the N64).

    Anyway. Thanks for all your hard work. The Scribblenauts news here will be greatly missed. I'll be keeping half-an-eye on the site just in case you change you mind.


    ~ Mike