Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scibblenautics Fanart Gallery: Sunday Edition

Welcome to yet another Sunday edition of the Fanart Gallery!

Courtesy of imprecise! (zealot) and Bazoozoo_ (cookie monster)

C is for Cookie, and Z is for Zealot. These two couldn't be more different. One is an ancient space warrior defending his home planet from a parasitic invasion through any means necessary, even if it means his own death. And the other is a Protoss Zealot!

Courtesy of Caddywompus21


And Magus is here with Billy Mays.

Startling confession: I have never beaten Chrono Trigger.

Courtesy of C_V (pyramid head) and Divvy (Big Daddy/Little sister)

I've said it before, but I always enjoy seeing video game characters in a Scribbletar. Our of all the proper nouns I'd want in the game, I'd say 95% are simply video game characters. Even games with very stylize and unique designs such as Bioshock and Silent Hill still somehow manage to look perfect and entirely in place to the whole Scribblenaut design

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