Wednesday, July 22, 2009

QUESTION 1: Wishful Thinking

A few days ago, I asked my Twitter follows the following question:

"QUESTION: If you could put ONE trademarked object (not a character) into Scribblenauts, which would you choose and why?"

I got a decent number of responses to this question. It was definitely interesting to see what you guys would think of. Though some of you didn't quite grasp that "not a character" part.
Let's have a look:

Photobucket MistaKoo: "Lightsaber obviously because it's so freakin awesome!"

I should have seen this one coming, but for some reason I didn't. I agree that light sabers are really bad-ass, but I suppose that, in practice, they do little more than a normal sword.
Then again, one thing that normal swords don't do is being really freaking awesome.

Photobucket scry12: I would put the Sham-wow, so I could soak up all the water in the water stages

This is one of my favorite responses. Scry12 clearly chose his item based on usefulness.
Not only is it really cool and useful, I also don't think there will be anything in Scribblenauts that can simulate it. Maybe a water pump?

Photobucket TehG33kL: I would choose Mario. Give him a mushroom and he grows. Give him a star and he becomes invincible for a bit. Add Goomba too.

Those are several objects, but Mario is not one of them. He's a character.
And characters in Scribblenauts have a tendency of not trying to help you. They do what their instincts tell them (a fireman will rescue a kitty, a chef will cook food) but they never seem aware of the goal you have in mind.
Would Mario's instinct be to jump on evil characters? Perhaps break blocks with his head?

Photobucket Kirbizard: Portal Gun. As far as I'm concerned, the Portal Gun should be in EVERY game. It's one of the most fun game mechanics ever.

I can't argue with this one. The portal gun is not only useful, but allows for some really fun gameplay.
You'd only be able to shoot at walls, however, because movable objects disrupt the portals. Scribblenauts has enough of those to play around with, though.

Photobucket Razdor2K: I would choose Pikachu, because its another way to kill sharks, and you can have a cute sidekick :D

Pikachu is a character.
While it would be nice to have a portable source of electricity, how do you tell Pikachu to attack? The only animals I've seen follow orders in Scribblenauts are the ones that you can ride. And I've got a feeling you wouldn't be able to ride Pikachu. (Though that would be pretty funny.)

Photobucket Scribblenautic (SirPenguin): Hmm...let's go with the "Triforce", from Zelda. It grants wishes to whoever touches it...

I'm not sure how to let the game know what your wish is, but it would be a cool mechanic. I wonder if you can make a wish to a Genie.
Assuming we've already made the occassional steak-baby by then, I guess the Triforce would split because someone whose heart is not pure touched it. Which piece of the Triforce would you choose?

Photobucket tennist0: I saw Scribblenautic wrote "triforce" to give wishes, but why do you need a wish if any item is alreaddy at your disposal?

Hey, good point, actually.

Photobucket SirPenguin: I'd like to change my answer to what @Kirbizard said. The Portal Gun is pretty amazing

Well, that settles that, I suppose.

Photobucket danny_ds: It's probably useless, but I'd like a "velcro" in #Scribblenauts - It's one of the most useful inventions human had.

Velcro is indeed a trademarked name, but I'm hoping 5TH Cell will still be able to sneak the product in.
If all else fails, Wikipedia tells me some non-trademark synonyms for the object are "hook and loop fastener", "hook tape", and "loop tape".

Photobucket DurkyDurk: I'd put a Kamehameha in, because I can.

Technically not really an object, but since lightning is in too, I don't see why Kamehameha can't be in as well. (Aside from the trademark, obviously.)
I never really watched Dragonball that much, but it's my understanding that Kamehamehas are usually "tossed", so I suppose you would need to carry it to Maxwell and have him launch it at someone. I don't know what would happen if you summoned a kamehameha and just placed it on the ground...

Photobucket occono: Yo-'yo.

You're in luck, Occono. According to Wikipedia, the term Yo-Yo has lost its trademark back in 1965. Which would explain why we see Yo-Yo's in games like Earthbound and Captain Rainbow.

Those are all the responses I got. Thanks to all who have answered. It was fun to try to apply Scribblenauts logic to objects we know won't be in.
I don't have any other questions yet, but keep an eye on my Twitter account. I hope to be playing this game with you guys again.


  1. Nobody seemed to complain with Kirby's Yo-yo ability. Maybe we can get Maxwell to attempt the Gazer Spiral. :3

  2. I never got around to submitting my trademarked item, so here it is: The Ocarina of Time; it could allow you to stop time, slow time, rewind time, etc.

    On a side-note, I really hope that 5th cell added an object that allows for time manipulation! Oooh, and mind control, so you can ride and command unfriendlies (outside of the level editor, since you can make anything mountable there, hah!)

  3. That reminds me, I still want to know if there's any form of mind transfer device in the game. You could switch character AI around and have babies shooting flames out of their mouth and dragons crawling on the floor with steak attached to them. D:

  4. Lol, that would be hilarious, and that's quite an imaginitave example you gave, Kirbizard. I think it would be unlikely but we've been majorly surprised before for doubting the might Miah and 5th Cell!