Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3 Impressions: Does Super Scribblenauts make a good impression?

SS unfortunately doesn't have the advantage that the first game had last year. That is, of course, the element of surprise. Scribblenauts charmed everyone at E3 with its unique concept and rather strong demo-build. As such, can SS make a big splash?

Here are some E3 impressions from various sources.



I typed in "ANGRY BLUE WINGED PREGNANT DRAGON" and that is what I got. How did I know it was pregnant and angry? It gave birth to a baby dragon right there on-screen and then tried to attack me. Um, yeah. I'm not kidding. That really happened.

The developers were adamant that Super Scribblenauts will require you to take better advantage of their massive library (which you should be doing anyway).

If a fat, rainbow, gentlemanly Cthulu isn't your cup of tea, perhaps some other adjectives will suit your fancy. Emotional adjectives (like "happy") can be applied to inanimate objects to give them a personality, so that bookcase is no longer a stationary piece of furniture. When we conjured an angry armed refrigerator, it immediately began hopping after us, brandishing a sword. To protect Maxwell (and to settle an age-old kitchen appliance rivalry), we summoned an angry armed dishwasher. The two engaged in a grisly fight to the death, with the refrigerator claiming victory

Super Scribblenauts is clearly no more than an expansion pack to the first game, with some better controls. Given the fact that the allure of the title has worn off, I suspect that Super Scribblenauts will likely fair worse with me than the original.

Alright, well, opinions are going both ways it seems. Interestingly, sites seem to simutaneously be saying "if you hated Scribblenauts, you'll love Super Scribblenauts" AND "If you hated Scribblenauts, you'll hate Super Scribblenauts". You'll find, however, that a much smaller number of people are hating on the sequel.

I'm sure we'll be getting more impressions and various other cool stuff in the coming days, so hang tight, I'll keep ya updated.

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  1. One wonders what will result from entering "PREGNANT MAN".

    And then one wishes to scrub out one's brain with STRIPED SOAP.