Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Scribblenautics?

Scribblenauts is back, and so am I.

I kinda dropped off the face of the earth after Scribblenauts released. I loved it - a lot - but it also left a lot to be desired. The concept was fantastic, but the execution? Not so much.

I'm not alone in my thoughts, and in fact many mainstream reviewers (and equally mainstream gamers) felt the same way. Poor controls, wonky physics, even wonkier levels and a strange sense of inconsistency seemed to permeate from the game. A lot of it was the hype train we had all built and fueled coming to a close, but that didn't stop us from being disappointed.

Enter, Super Scribblenauts

We know very little about this game, save for its one major feature: adjectives. These little modifiers are meant to change the way we use objects. Remember that bridge which was always too damn small? Perhaps "Long Bridge" or "Large Bridge" would be the better choice. The adjectives don't stop there, of course, and we're bound to see an insane amount of really messed up objects. You can also mix and match adjectives, meaning you could have a robotic zombie cow. Or a purple flying toaster.

Yeah, as if the "random" appeal of the first game wasn't high enough.

Ask any core gamer, though, and they'll tell you that all the random humor from the first game wasn't enough to make it entertaining. Thankfully, the sequel is bringing with it improved physics, d-pad controls, better levels (less "Action" levels), an entirely redesigned level editor, and more.

Well, we shall see. This is E3, after all. Will we see a Feep Post 2.0? Will the demos impress? Is this sequel going to live up to its name? Stay tuned.