Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Have some Scribblenauts videos, why don't ya?

Courtesy of GameTrailers, we have our hands on 2 new videos
What an excellent video to show off. We can see 3 major changes to how levels are presented

  1. The hint system is incredibly expanded, offering more info, becoming more visible by chilling out at the top screen, and generally acting like a tutorial in addition to helping you with a level
  2. You'll notice a progress bar at the top which tracks level objectives. In this particularly level, Maxwell had to do 3 different things. His progress in their completion is kept track of, making levels make a lot more sense
  3. There seems to be a notification system in place, allowing "real time" notifications like completed objectives and earned merits to pop on the screen. The merits - assuming that's what they are - actually follow the item you created. Neat stuff.
In this strange video, we see a rather simple level where Maxwell has to find the cross between a house and an animal. Right. Well, he chose Furry House, which worked. All around strange level, especially when compared to the excellent showing of the previous one. More than likely, this is simply an early tutorial level

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  1. Kirbizard the Shining OctopusJune 16, 2010 at 1:27 AM

    Also of a lesser note is how Maxwell is dressed for the occasion upon start of the level. Doesn't change anything, but I thought it was cute. 83