Monday, June 21, 2010

Even MORE videos from E3

An impromptu interview with poor audio, but we do learn some new stuff.

-Jetpacks seem to be able to hover now. I'm guessing all "flight" powers are changed to be like this, as Action levels are less emphasized. A welcome addition

-"Postal" seems to turn the item it modifies into a stamp. Really cool, if that's what it indeed does

-They really went hogwild in terms of what adjectives can do. "Fire-breathing" is a recognized adjective, and though we don't see it demoed, it apparently works on a flower ala Mario

A rather slow video that shows off the same level we've been seeing. We do get to see some interesting new adjectives, though. Namely when the guy tries to get by the censors with "Stoned Groupie"...which makes a groupie statue, which is perfect for any home. I also love that the barbarian can hold the massive sword. But wow @ evil keyboard cat.

As you watch this next guy fail miserably at the exact same level, ask yourself whether or not you think it's his fault. Is it clear you have to bribe them with items they'd like?

Though this video mostly shows clips from the trailer, you can clearly see new additions, such as the (apparent) ability to call up a dictionary of adjectives. The implications of that are great, if only because it means that we may be able to store words we've used before. Being able to quickly insert words instead of typing them all the time would greatly improve the speed

I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching inanimate objects become alive thanks to adjectives. One neat thing you may have missed has to do with the pregnant dragon. Though the baby inherited the purpleness of its mother, it did not inherit the friendliness. Is this a bug or a feature?

Now THIS is a video to get excited about. It's clearly being played by a developer, but I really love how smooth and involved this level is, especially compared to levels from the original. It seems like you have to find a way to grab the PC, find a way to the security center, neutralize the guard, steal the documents, then escape. It's really very cool looking, and I very much hope more levels are like it.

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