Monday, June 21, 2010

Imagination Revelation #1: What do you mean you can't open a Piñata with that?

Of course you can! I've done it a million times before. Just hold it by its stiff feet and give it a good swing. Oh don't worry about blood, I'm sure it congealed into a gelatin-like substance a long time ago.

Why are you crying? We have a clown, for god's sake! You are the most ungrateful child I've ever met


  1. That is one of my favorite levels for finding crazy solutions. Explosives, large weapons, fire, dinosaurs, the more overdone, the better! I hadn't tried that one though...
    One time I was trying all kinds of things like bazookas and TNT, and then tried using an it (a Swiss Army Knife), which was too small to work. The kids were fine with the guns and explosives, but were terrified by Maxwell running around with the it!

  2. Scribblenautics is BACK? Ok, well, uh, I sorta made a new one a while ago because you ditched the blog......

  3. Oh yeah? Well that's ok. I'm back now, and will be until Super Scribblenauts. Probably.

  4. I'm experiencing deja vu right now. Exactly one year ago I discover this blog, and now I find it's back. Too bad the game will come out after my birthday this time around.

  5. Yeah, I hope the extra month-ish is also enough to go the extra mile with this one.

    Glad you're back, though. I'm also experiencing deja vu now that I'm digging for Scribblenauts information again