Sunday, June 20, 2010

New videos interviews from E3, plus some other oddjob videos

Interview with Jeremiah, who briefly mentions how people who had issues with the first game should enjoy the second. "Better controls. I really want to drill that idea in people's heads". Neat.

Another interview, confirming thousands of new words and adjectives. They also confirm that they unified the level structure (no split between action/puzzle), removal of the par system, improved level editor. In general, it's a lot of stuff you probably already know, but we do get to see a (very quick) fight between a pirate and a ninja again. Only it's a purple, flying pirate, and a tiny yet aggressive ninja. Adjectives, people. Adjectives.

This is another gameplay video akin to God vs. the Kraken of old. It shows a bit of the adjective system, shows that the controls may not be entirely fixed, and also proves the imaginations of most journalists is truly stuff of legend. Dark, twisted legends we shouldn't think too hard about.

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