Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't forget - this Sunday is the special NYC Launch Event

For some reason uploading that picture entirely messed up the colors...not sure why, but it kinda looks cool, so screw it, I'm keepin' it!

Anyways, this Sunday is the Nintendo World Store launch event for Scribblenauts. As the advertisement above says, from 11:00am - 2:00pm you can come in, chill with the 5TH Cell dudes, buy an advance copy, get some autographs, and apparently even learn some cool strategies for the game.

The thing sounds amazing, and if you're a fan of the game (I'd bet good money that you are) and you're close by, there's really no reason not to go. Advance copy AND meeting Jeremiah and co.? That's priceless. But if you do go, make sure to go early...because it's bound to be packed.


  1. if im lucky i'll be there. thank god i'm in the NYC area. might get all nervous with jeremiah there
    woah, early scribblenauts!!! normal costs? oh god please!
    maybe i'll keep my gamestop preorder open just for hat and use second copy to... to have

    i'll tell u what it's like, maybe even review, if im fortunate enough. hopefully i dont have to be too early

  2. hehehehe, i'll feel powerful, reviewing a game for my peers. anyways maybe i'll make a ROM and ill... just kidding. wouldnt know nthe first thing bout ROMs or their production. anyway, if ur jonesing bad im willing to try stuff out or tell u stuff the couple days before release. or am i getting ahead of myself and u dont care?

  3. Scribblenautics's FollowerSeptember 10, 2009 at 3:45 AM

    Dude, If only I lived there

  4. Man, I wish i could go there.To far away though.Theres also a new video for veichle week.its in youtube.just search for "scribblenauts dirtbike"

  5. Ou... that is sooo unlucky, that Im not from there. Damn it. But from EU with release date well... one month later.

    Just a very desperate question. Do you think some good soul will be willing to buy a advanced copy for me - sent it to me by post and I would sent money somehow to him (bank transfer souns easiest way)

    I know, that it is risky for both of us - sendit copy or money in advance. But I would love you for such help :-)

    Well am I right, that DS game do NOT have some regional locks, right???

    Just in case here is contact:

  6. I have plans to gbe in the area on Sunday, so I see no reason not to stop by. If all goes well, I'll have pics for everyone.

  7. SPennLUE:
    Any possibility, you can pick one copy for me and sent it to EU? (in case DS is no using region lock - I bought it just for Scribblenauts so Im not so experienced with details)
    When recieved I would pay you somethink more that you expenses (Im willing to pay 50 - 80 dollars - based on the delivery speed :-))

    just... neeed ... this ... game... asap... braiiiins....

  8. I made a forum specially for the game ^^ if you click my name it will take you to it. I already had a chance to try out the game and it's really amazing ^^ taping cows to heli's, making a clone, simply amazing

  9. Hey Joshua

    Check this out, it's an article with the commercial video in it

  10. AHA Scribblenauts TV spot!!!
    Oh wait never mind looks like somebody beat me to it... :(