Friday, September 11, 2009

Future of the blog

Hey guys.

Well, as release nears (4 days!) I have found myself at a crossroads. I also wonder if "crossroad" is in the game. Another item to try!

Anyways, I've been wondering about the future of this site and where I'll be going with it. Right now I'm thinking about stopping the blog business.

Really, this was a fan blog to gather news and articles and the like. Once the copy hits none of those things will be needed. Indeed, except for a few games (notably games online), there are very few reasons to keep people "informed" of a game beyond the release.

I was the one who started the "Official" thread over at NeoGAF, and it's there I'll probably forever be hanging out there, keeping the OP updated much in the way I kept this blog up to date. You can find me there, so feel free to send me a PM.

The "decision" is not official and I might change my mind once I get the copy in my hands (4 days!), but...for now? I'll be taking a little break to focus on work and school.

It's been fun, guys. I hope this game turns out as AMAZING as we all want it to be.

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