Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New videos and new "themed" week - straight from the horse's mouth

Alright, remember how last week was "Back to School" week? Well, apparently this week is Vehicle Week, and like before, you can check it out on the official Facebook page of Scribblenauts. We were treated with a single new picture, though there are promises of new screens/videos throughout the week.

Speaking of new videos, the official YouTube channel posted 3 short videos for Back to School week. Let's take a look.

Here we seen an early Puzzle level in World 2. It's a pretty simple one, but definitely fitting to this week's (well...last week's) theme. Whereas most teachers simply display their apples on their desk, this teacher decided to gobble it right up. Yum.

Noticing a trend? This video is basically identical to the one above, only this time the teacher doesn't eat the ruler...that we know of.

Anyways, of interest is that this scored the same "Style" points as the last solution. Hmm. I wonder how you can up the style in such a "short" level?

And a 3rd time! Man, these videos might as well be a walkthrough for this level, as you already have the 3 solutions needed to "unlock" a level. This time Maxwell decides to ease her sad heart by spawning in a student. Bear in mind the bell has already rung and all the students went home, so this poor guy is now forced to spend eternity with his teacher.

Poor guy. Ah well, starite get!

It goes without saying we'll be seeing more videos like this, so keep an eye out and I'll make sure to keep us all updated

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  1. oh no :| now that i looked at all those solutions I need to figure out new ones myself
    ah well :) it can't be to hard to find 3 working solutions for this puzzle