Friday, August 28, 2009

As one preorder bonuses disappears, another takes its place

Bad news for fans of rooster helmets who have yet to preorder.

It seems Gamestop/EB Games has removed the banner announcing the rooster helmet preorder bonus. Indeed, any mention of the bonus has been removed entirely from their website. I'm going to assume this means they're out of stock. I'll await confirmation before saying it's gone, but it's looking that way.

However, if you're still itching for a preorder bonus, then perhaps you should check out Gamecrazy, who is offering a Scribblenauts notebook as THEIR preorder bonus. It's not the same as the rooster hat, and I'm about 90% sure this notebook can't summon in any object you want...but it's better than nothing, right?


  1. I wonder if there's still time to switch my preorder to Amazon...

  2. Like I said, this probably just means NEW preorders won't be receiving the hats. I would imagine if you preordered while the offer was going on you'll be fine.

  3. Well i pre-ordered before this turn of events so i better be roaming the streets like an insane rooster helmeted individual or their will be hell to pay

  4. Here's an email from GameStop:

    "Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting

    As long as you placed your order before the bonus was removed from the site then you will still receive the hat."

    Looks like I'll still be getting one.

  5. I thought the rooster hat was for everywhere so I preordered it at GameCrazy. :/ Oh well, at least I still get the Flipbook Journal. It's cooler anyway. :P