Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A bunch of assorted new videos

I've been collecting some new videos I've seen around the 'net recently. None of them have been "newsworthy", but I figure a whole bunch of them at once warrants a post! I'd say a lot of these are from GamesCom with at least one interview in there.

This is a pretty neat "interview" of sorts with Jeremiah. He talks a lot about the success of Scribblenauts, how the hype has been almost entirely user generated, and how shocked they were everything has worked out the way it has. I think we can all agree Scribblenauts and 5TH Cell deserves all of this.

This is a very blurry, kind of uninteresting video. I share it, though, if only so we can all laugh when the guy a) summons a mine (building) instead of the explosive, and b) actually summons the explosive and blows himself up in the process. Definitely sounds like something I'd do.

These are a series of very short videos showing some level or interesting thing.

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