Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scribblenauts gets a two week delay in Australia

Update: Courtesy of Vooks. Forgot to cite my source!

Bad news for the people in the land down under. Remember the European delay last week? Well, it's not that bad here, but I'm sure it feels that way.

Originally scheduled for September 16th, the launch date was pushed back two weeks until September 30th.

Some of you may remember the presumably lofty goal of a simultaneous worldwide release stated by 5TH Cell earlier in the year. Well, though I'm not sure how one defines simultaneous, but right now we have the NA version out the 15th, the European version out in October, and now the Australian version out the 30th.

As far as I know there has been no stated reasons for the delays, though due to their rather small lengths I'll assume it's either due to localization or other publisher-related problems, such as perhaps production. Publishing games worldwide is definitely complex work. Still, can't help but be disappointed for our friends overseas.


  1. I'm guessing New Zealand counts as Australia as well. GAHRGGDHAGHFUJ!!!Oh well Great things take time.

  2. its funny how they say its delayed in the uk but i had it confirmed by several shops that it still is 25th sept. I wish they opened there mouths and OFFICIAlLY announced it was delayed. Makes me angry why its no out till almost a month later

  3. I don't know what's going on with the European date. The trailers DEFINITELY said it was coming out in October, and a 5TH Cell producers also confirmed as much...

  4. well, i guess Europe should have just given us the Revolutionary War because now we punish them with delayed releases
    and in true American glory
    USA USA USA*in frat boy speak*