Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confession time: I have the Scribblenauts guide on preorder

It's true. Oh god, I'm so ashamed. After all, doesn't a guide entirely destroy the entire purpose of a game like Scribblenauts? Even if the challenges ARE difficult, the idea is to use your imagination to solve the level...not the imagination of some stranger writing a guide!

Well, in truth, I decided to pick it up due to pretty much everything else BUT the boasted 880 solutions. Let's take a look at the feature list:

Solutions: Every level description will feature 3 different solutions, as well as one obscure solution, to solving each puzzle with the fewest objects in the shortest time. With over 220 levels, this guide contains over 880+ strategies.
Obscure Words: Over 700+ obscure words you would never have thought of directly from the dev team!
Level Creation: Learn the tricks you need to build the most creative and elaborate levels possible.
Art Poster: Pullout art poster included!
Dev tips: Exclusive dev tips for objects, level creation, crazy solutions, and much more!
Behind-the-Scenes: A detailed behind the scenes look into this year’s biggest blockbuster.

Alright, so hopefully my sins aren't TOO bad after looking over this list. Like I said, I'm fine with ignoring the solutions. The fact that this is an "official" guide means we get all sorts of other cool goodies. For example, we apparently will get suggestions for over 700 "obscure" words from the developers themselves. Speaking of 5TH Cell, it seems they also have some gameplay tips (including level creation and insane solutions) as well as some behind the scenes stuff. And to top it all off it looks like we get a poster of Post 217.

As I'm (more than a little) interested in Scribblenauts I decided the guide will simply be some other cool thing to go along with it. It reminds me of back when I was a kid and I'd buy the Pokemon strategy guides just for the built in Pokedex. I loved just looking at the pictures, reading various development history, etc. I hope to recapture that feeling with this guide.

Or maybe I'm just trying to rationalize it. Who knows? Interestingly enough, if you purchase the guide and the game over at Amazon, you'll probably pay close to the price of a typically priced console game. That's pretty cool.


  1. I just hope Gamecrazy has the Guide as well cus I really want that guide. Also will you be updating this blog when the game comes out?

  2. I should still keep updating, yeah. The current plan o' action is to convert it into more of an interactive blog. I'm hoping to incorporate the community in a way...perhaps with contests, tournaments, that sort of thing. We'll see where the future takes us.

  3. Don't forget encouraging people to take photos of themselves wearing the Rooster Hats V:

  4. great idea of a direction for the site
    also, feel no shame. im not "pre-ordering" the guide but i plan on getting it , especially if it has the poster at retail. i may even look at the solutions, BARE WITH ME, once i have beaten the game. its been said before, you can't spoil scribblenauts with solutions, i just want to see the guides imagination

  5. I Am the walrus googooggachoo