Thursday, August 27, 2009

GamesCom preview actually reveals new, really awesome stuff

Ah, finally! I was getting a little annoyed that every preview I've been sharing has to be prefaced with, "Well it doesn't really show anything NEW...". This preview, by a website called Video Gamer, DOES indeed reveal some cool new stuff. It actually may surprise you.

So then! The highlights.

--If you're holding milk while using a time machine it turns into cheese when you emerge. If you toss that cheese into a freezer a block of ice with cheese in the middle will pop out.

--There exists a level where you have a rescue a king from a cage. The lever to open the cage is guarded by a dragon, who in turn is guarded by fire. There's also a chasm that prevents the king from escaping. Lots of little challenges.

--God and Satan are the only two religious figures to make the final list. I wonder if that means no Zeus/Thor/etc.

--You can store up to 8 user created levels. Well, the direct quote it you could "build" up to 8 of them, but I assume the wording suggests you have room for 8 levels.

I was shocked at the cheese bit. Utterly shocked. I mean it makes perfect sense, right? Cheese is basically aged milk. But the fact they would include that is so mind blowing.

The fact God/Satan are the only religious figures is kinda disappointing. I'm going to assume this means no Greek gods, though I would assume mythological creatures are obviously still in the mix, despite their very strong ties with religion.

I also am impressed the DS can store up to 8 user created levels, as the real estate on this cart can't be cheap. I imagine people will constantly be switching levels in and out as well (due to the nature of the game) so the amount we can hold isn't even that important.

This new preview with actual news is a breath of fresh air. I do hope that we see more things like it in the coming weeks. Remember...less than 3 weeks until release. It's getting close.


  1. hi nice find btw scribblenauts will be on tonights on the spot on you shold check it out its on in the uk at 12.00 at night but everywhere else i dont know what time. So check i out on and look at the top bar counting down to the show starts

  2. Alright, sounds good, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Awesome!Frozen cheese! This game just keeps getting more and more awesome!

  4. I wonder if you can freeze other things. That'd make this game ridiculously marvelous. :)

  5. I would assume so...something like freezing cheese seems awfully obscure!

  6. The milk-to-cheese doesn't really make sense. If you're taking it with you in the time machine, it should be transported along with you, and doesn't have to go the "long way" through time. Still, it's awesome.

  7. Didn't a German video show an Egyptian God?

    I don't think anyone seriously considers Egyptian/Greek/Norse gods to be religious figures. Rather, they're mythological figures.

    I assume when they say God and Satan are the only religious figures, they're talking about current no Jesus or Buddha in the game.

  8. I'd regard Shiva and Vishnu as current, possibly even Glycon too

  9. Here's something I would do. Place a Baby glued to a car and (the front of the car) And place a bomb on the car. crash the car into something and BAM. Here's another. Have a man tied to multiple ropes in the middle of the level, multiple limbs tied, and/or glued to him. A dinosaur is coming so you have to frr the man or defeat the dinosaur, but you could kill the man too. 2 more. You can tie a nany to a pole and tie the poleonto the top of a giant enemy crab, and tie meat onto the baby (Meatbaby) and have fun watching. Last one. Get a dog and tie a bomb to him and throw a bone... Don't think im a crazy person, thos just sound like wacky outcomes will happen.

  10. i wonder what you can freeze more with a freezer =]