Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new preview and a few new "shaky cam" videos

No need for introductions here, so let's get right to it.

G4TV was able to get their hands on the game again, this time writing up a pretty detailed preview on the game. He describes two action levels they tried out, both of which sound new. I won't bother explaining them here as he does a good job in his preview, so go check it out.

Next up we have a few new videos from a Portuguese website called UOL. They have a preview up that I cannot read, but I'll assume it's nothing new. What they do have, though, are 3 videos for your viewing pleasure. The first two are mostly typical "overview" type videos, but the last shows a bunch of dog breeds being summoned. The game does a pretty good job at popping out a unique asset for every animal.

Lastly we have some "shaky cams", presumably taken from GamesCom. These are definitely not my favorite type of videos, but hey, no sense not sharing them, eh? Let's take a look.

This is a funny video showing Maxwell, armed with a sword, destroying everything. Dogs, bees, trailers, lawn gnomes...all of them feel the wrath of his mighty sword. It's pretty funny.

The person playing the game here speaks Spanish. As if to prove that fact, he spawns in a bull and matador, followed by a tortilla and chili. Alright, alright, we get it! He then...makes a baby drive a car?

Anyways, we get a brief look at a new level, though we're left in the dark in regards to the objectives. It seems you must save a black bear, though there's a mean polar bear underneath him. My first thought would be the melt the ice...he decided to dig. The video ends before anything happens, though.

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  1. I think that on the bear level you have to reunite the two bears.It's just a guess,but it would be cool if that is what the level is really about.