Monday, August 24, 2009

Scribblenauts expands to Facebook, rewards us with new pictures

Last week the Scribblenauts website went a crazy overhaul. After it emerged, a beautiful butterfly compared to the ugly catterpilla it was before (wait, where am I going with this?), we noticed a few links on the bottom, suspciously letting us know that a Facebook page, Twitter page, and fan site page were "coming soon".

It seems at least one of those has happened...or so it looks. Check out this Scribblenauts page on Facebook. It seems to have turned official! You'll notice the page talks about Q&A sessions and has a bunch of new screenshots from various levels. Below I shall post said screenshots, but if you're part of Facebook then you should definitely become a fan. Seems we might have a chance to win swag, get new media, etc.!

Now onto the screenshots.

You'll recognize this scenario as one of the pictures posted on the official website. We now know it's indeed a level, and we also know the objective: dress Maxwell up for a halloween party. Cool stuff.

We've probably already seen this level as well. Seems like Maxwell has to complete 3 different carnival games. At least one of them looks like you have to dunk the man into the pool. That's definitely my favorite thing to do at a carnival! Well, that, a fried dough. Mmm.

Anyways, I guess it's not 100% confirmed to be official yet, but I think we can safely assume so at this point, judging by the evidence. So yeah! Like I said, become a fan! Support the devs, invite your buddies!


  1. Maybe it's just me, but that party level immediately reminded me of the album art of Oingo Boingo's Dead Man's Party.

  2. The link on the website still says Coming Soon, though. And the Facebook page is called "ScribblenautsAussieFans". I'd personally expect a page called simply "Scribblenauts", or something less Australian-focused. Seeds of doubt sprout from the seemingly official page! :P

    Love the carnival level. Carnivals are awesome. :)

  3. That's true, MeTheGameMakingGuy, but I know that Warner Bros was contacting people from Facebook that had Scribblenauts groups looking to partner with them. I'd say this is one of those deals, given they have exclusive screenshots and will be doing a Q&A session.

  4. Watch this video "scribblenauts in real life"!