Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Hands-On and Joystiq Challenge: Round 2

First up on the list we have a hands-on impression from Ugo...whoever THOSE guys are! You can grab it here, and catch my "highlights" below. Not much new, but I rounded up what I could.

*Theramin is in, as is a Fisherman's wife. I wonder if you can play the former, and does the latter stare longingly at the ocean on top of a lighthouse?
*"The controls are atrocious"
*Really loves how it felt like "edutainment". The previewer learned lots of new cheeses and metals!

Next up we have Joystiq redoing their challenge post. This time without a video. They describe the events as they happened in the video, but you can catch the actual video and my impressions right here.

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