Friday, August 7, 2009

IGN tries out more user suggested words

Volume 2 of IGN's Random Thoughts in Scribblenauts series recently popped up. This volume is all about trying to find objects that aren't in the game. Not really an original premise anymore, so there aren't a lot of new things to report.

Wait! Don't leave yet! I would still like to discuss some things that stood out to me!

HibernianFC requested Haggis. No problem. But without a Scotsman around to eat it, it's just going to lay around and spoil. Unfortunately, that's not an allowed word in Scribblenauts, so...

Haggis is in. That's kind of special, because 5TH Cell said they wouldn't be including regional foods. The haggis is famous for being absolutely revolting, though. Famous enough to make the cut, it would seem.
But Scotsman, on the other hand, is not in. Maybe I'm missing something here, but why is that? Scotsman is a concrete noun, and not a proper noun. It also isn't vulgar or copyrighted. What Scribblenauts rule does Scotsman break? My only guess is that 5TH Cell is afraid people would be offended if stereotypes were included.
I guess we'll just have to improvise and type Man and Kilt.

dreammitchconner requested a Magic Wand, which the game offers (it's just "wand.") But we need a test subject, so I pulled up "prince" and then shot him with the wand. Ribbit.

Pretty cool. It leaves me to wonder how the wand will work, though. Is "frog" its only spell? Does it react the same way to everyone? What if you use it on an inanimate object?

The rest in that article is rather run-of-the-mill, really. But we do find out Coyote beats Roadrunner. I guess Wile E. Coyote was overthinking it all this time. Or maybe it's just because the Roadrunner in Scribblenauts didn't have any roads to run on. Hmmm...

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