Monday, August 3, 2009

Would Scribblenauts make you buy a DS?

It's not exactly a big secret I try to follow any discussions around the internet involving Scribblenauts. One site in particular, Twitter, allows me to follow both gamers and game journalists alike. Indeed, if you haven't already, you should follow me on Twitter right here ;)

Lately I've been noticing a trend: people are already calling for a port of the game. It surprises me the amount of people who seem to say, "I hope they bring it to _________ because I don't want to shell out the money for a DS!" The most common desire is an iPhone port, though a PC port is a close 2nd. Some even want to see it as an XBLA game, though I wonder just how well that would work.

On the opposite side of the fence are people claiming they're buying a DS JUST for this game. This is quite impressive given Scribblenauts is 3rd party. Typically it's the 1st party exclusive games that push actual systems. Further, the DS has been around for a long time and has an insane install base. The fact Scribblenauts can push even deeper is something Nintendo should be very aware of.

So my question is this: Let's pretend you don't have a DS (and if you don't, then you're already done!). Would Scribblenauts convince you enough to buy a $100+ DS? Would you hold out until you knew of other games you might like? Are you more likely to wait for the game to come out on a console you already own?

This is just an informal brain picking so feel free to just leave some comments at the end of this post.


  1. My B-day is less than a month after the release, so i would get a DSi and Scribbs then.

    In fact, my DS phat is practically useless now, so i might get a DSi on my b-day anyways because of this game.

  2. yes. it's one of three upcoming titles that, if i didn't already have a DSi, i'd buy one for:

    Flipnote Studio (Summer 2009)
    Scribblenauts (Sept. 2009)
    Ghostwire (reportedly Q1 2010)

  3. If I didn't already own a DS, the answer is no, I would not buy a console for scribblenauts. I actually paused there, about to right "would not buy a console for a game" but I would almost buy an xbox for the halo series. But that doesn't matter because I always buy nintendo's big systems even if there are no games on my agenda.

  4. Yes. I bought DSi only because of this game last week (I did not waited - because if I will have it - they why not have it alredy now a try some games?)
    Of course when registering the DS on the NintendoClub, into the question "Why did you boughts NDS" I explicitelly stated, that just only for the incoming Scribblenauts.

    I really hope, they will make some sequel. Not necceseraly Scribblenauts 2. But somethink similar using the engine - like stor ydriven adventure, where you can pick/buy/order any object (that fits into the game world) and use it enywhere? Would be amazing.

  5. Guess what Penguin?

    The amazing concept that is Scribblenauts, finally pushed me over the deep end, so I finally took the plunge and shelled out for a DSi

    I've been following the game for so long and every new tidbit I get made me want the game more and more, so after that first week of discovery, I knew I had to have it. It really is THAT amazing, and seemingly most of the internet (those who don't own a DS) feel the same way!

  6. This is a topic that seems to make a lot of people mad, when it really shouldn't. I think some people forget that some people have more money than others, or just don't have all the modern consoles.

    That being said, I don't know. If I didn't have a DS I don't know if I would get as excited about the game. But if I was debating whether to get one or not, it would convince me to get one (like Animal Crossing did in the first place.)

    But if a game is going to be a system seller, the cost of the game + the console has to be relatively low, and the DS has this advantage. That's why I would have bought a used PS2 for Guitar Hero Beatles, but a PS3 and Rock Band Beatles is out of the question.

  7. I Initially bought a DS because my friends had one and the games looked fun.

    I then got a DSi because my lite had a busted R Button.

    But to get a system just for a game I probably would. If they made another Spyro game like original 3 then I would buy whatever system they came to. Even a 360 which I hate. The idea of a port to another system though is just obscure. Because the people wanting the ports are the ones who are just getting into gaming mostly and don't understand it.

    Porting from what I read is hard work. Think about it. Porting from 1 system to another to another. Sometimes changing several aspects.

    So yes I would probably buy this game and a DS if I didnt already have 1.

  8. I DID buy a DS for it, the machine had a great library, sure, but I'd just never seriously considered it. I also convinced three of my friends to get one, this game IS a machine seller.

  9. I would not buy the DS for one game, no matter what game it was. I think Scribblenauts is certainly a big motivator though, representative of the kind of games on the system overall.

  10. Don't own a DS, but very strongly thinking about getting one just because of this game. It's a definite system seller. I haven't owned a handheld system since the first Gameboy (loooong time ago), and haven't owned a console since Xbox. I'm a PC gamer.

    Now, on a PC, this game could be taken to new levels. It could have online interaction, a database that grows, new puzzles that get added, user created content, voice command. I mean, the potential for this as a PC game are just huge. Just plop this thing up on Steam, and you would sell millions.

  11. I bought a new DSi for this game and have 6 copies of the game on order for myself and family members. I have never wanted a game this bad.

  12. Seeing this game is definitely making me think "maybe I'll actually get a DS" >_> though it'd be a used one, for sure... from checking on the details on the various systems, probably the DS Lite. I don't need internet on my DS >_> that's what my desktop is for.

  13. I got my DS Lite for this, and a few other games.

    Mostly Scribblenauts, though.