Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How many licks it take to get to the center of a Scribblepop? Well...

I'm not sure what I was going for with this blog title, but it's too late to change it now! I'm committed!

Seems like I was just half-right last night. Kotaku was planning on multiple attempts to solve one level, but it was just one guy, and he attempted it 16 times before he actually won.

The level, as discussed, was 1-11, and you can find a detailed account of his exploits here. Don't expect any videos or screenshots, though, as you won't find any.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Wow, 16 attempts? Have we finally found a level that's hard?" Well, not really, no. The level, which involves killing some bees and fish on your way towards flowery conquest, really is not hard at all. We've seen a bunch of videos of people solving it in pretty simple and typical ways.

The difference here is that the previewer documented EVERY attempt, including failed attempts where he was just getting a feel for the system. For instance, it seems like he didn't know you could drag your creations into the trash to get rid of them. In 4 attempts he tried to kill a bear he spawned instead of simply trashing him. Perhaps, though, you cannot get rid of hostile creatures that easily?

It's a very "real" account of a level, something you yourself might do if you're trying to figure out how the engine and such operates. I won't quote it verbatim but I will grab some interesting tidbits that are in it:

-Bear traps are in, seemingly work as expected, but the bear broke out of it!
-Exterminators are armed and able to kill insects on their own. Neat!
-You can fish successfully, though it seems fish are still alive and angry once they're on land
-Guns seem to disappear after use. Not entirely confirmed on this one, but we've seen bazookas disappear after only one shot, and I have a feeling that might extend to all weapons. Hmm
-Bullets can ricochet? No way! I can't believe the system is that advanced. I'm guessing it just fired the wrong direction...?
-It's really easy to destroy a flower, which fails the level. Go figure, eh?
-Beekeepers flee from bees (doh) and the fisherman couldn't fish (though perhaps he was just afraid?), which is kinda lame
-Throwing corpses to distract a piranha sounds hilarious and awesome

All in all a good read, I'd say. Don't go thinking this is a typical way to solve the level, though. Once you get a grasp on the game engine and controls you could probably beat this level in just a couple of items and probably a single try

However, it is a good look at a real gamer playing the game for the first time, and it's great in the way of experimenting. Also, it makes for an entertaining read, so make sure you check it out.


  1. I lol'd like 6 times during while reading that article. He just kept putting himself in a worse situation with every item he summoned. Actually, though, I was going to use a bear for the bees even before this article, but not anymore >_>

    Really, I cant wait to get this game and see how the rest of my families mind works in trying levels like these. Hopefully theyre not stupid enough to get themselves mauled by a bear 4 times.

  2. In real life AND in the game!

  3. Yes, the bear is such a lulz.
    Anyway, he used corpses to lure the fish, don't you think we can use living things as well as, say... rabbits? elephants? presidents? villains?

  4. i was the one who originally suggested the bear idea on the video that was put up on youtube for this level (though i said summon honey so bear and bee would fight over it i wasn't sure they were naturally enemies) i guess that didn't go well, but i guess he could have dragged away bear to avoid mauling. being the one who suggested bear it's particularity hilarious to me to see his thought process and always have it end in a terrible death

  5. Hilarious. I only wish there was a video of it.