Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A bunch of very awesome videos from 1Up

Gotta check these bad boys out. 1Up really did these things up in style, focusing on doing "scenes" in with the engine that followed a theme. We got 5 videos for you today, averaging a length of about 2 minutes each, and they're all amazing.

First up we're shown a video with the theme of "vehicles". We see a rickshaw (I do hope someone can pull that for Maxwell while he rides in it!), then a pogostick which looks glorious. It bounces pretty high and can destroy things. We also get confirmation that some things can be broken off into parts. The seat portion of the rickshaw was destroyed, but it left behind a wheel.

I also absolutely LOVE the ghost looks so cool! And who would have thought something like would be in the game? There's lots more to this video (I'm not going to give a commentary to EVERY thing), so check it out.

This is called "big monster battle", and boy does it live up to its name. It starts out with Bigfoot vs. Yeti, each being smashing the other while making monkey noises. Bigfoot does reign supreme, though he fails when pitted against Nessie. Nessie is ALSO able to take out Manbearpig (holy fuck!) but not even the Loch Ness Monster herself can defeat an old god like Cthulhu.

Then, well, a T-Rex comes along and just ruins Cthulhu's shit after he was distracted with Maxwell. The T-Rex here wins them all, even killing a bothersome kraken as he chases Maxwell into the ocean.

And if the music from "The Ultimate Showdown" was playing in your head while you watched that, then you're not alone

This one is called "The Final Frontier", and I think you'll figure out why soon enough. I like how they included all sorts things you'll find in the sky. My mind exploded when "aurora borealis" worked. Holy shit!

I also wonder if that "Scribblenaut" was the original character design of Maxwell back when the game was about traveling through different planets. Hmm! Very interesting.

Whoa, now THERE are some powerful beings. God kills Satan and a zombie easily enough (and "popo" spawns a cop) but succumbs to a vampire, who turns him into a ghoul!

Then a Necromancer pops up, apparently picks up a spell book (I couldn't quite tell) and begins turning everyone into skeletons. Uh oh. The assault on poor Maxwell was relentless, and nothing he tried, not a super hero nor cyborg, could save him. Except for, perhaps...plutonium? After hitting the necromancer it apparently turned her into a radioactive mutant. This apparently gave Maxwell the idea to set off the nuke, ending them all.

I definitely think I saved the best for last here. This video is full of fantasy references, featuring elves, dwarves, wizards, and even excalibur itself. Unfortunately, as these stories tend to go, no one quite knows what to do with the dragon...

...well, except for the guy in the tank.


  1. If they summoned a few hobbits they wouldve made most of the LotR cast.

  2. The 'spell book' is the necronomicon, you can read about it in Wikipedia. Those were some pretty cool videos.

  3. ooh god these vids are amazing, this should satisfy my scribble-addiction for quite some time. making crazy situations like this is what im looking forward to, and i like these types of videos where you can see their thought process, like when the yeti can't beat nessie perhaps manbearpig can

  4. Also my heart stopped when he was writing rickshaw and i saw "rick" and i thought i was gonna have to rickroll AGAIN

    its not that im against memes in the game but when everyone is dying for new video and all we get is repeat memes it kind of destroys me
    ps giant enemy crab could have taken out that trex anyday

  5. From AHomelessHomie:
    "its not that im against memes in the game but when everyone is dying for new video and all we get is repeat memes it kind of destroys me
    ps giant enemy crab could have taken out that trex anyday"

    You know Giant Enemy Crap IS an internet meme too right?

  6. I have to say I'm really disappointed with the quality of these videos. Have you seen what they look like when you make it full screen? This is just sloppy video transfer.

    Anyway, in that video with the Pheonix and the Wizard, note that the Wizard was facing the wrong direction to see the Pheonix, that's why he didn't immediately attack.