Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Week in Jackson on NeoGAF: Jul 28 - Aug 4

I decided we could use a review of some of the stuff that was posted on NeoGAF by Jackson. (AKA super important Scribblenauts Guide as seen in the Rooster Hat)

Jackson is very active in the Scribblenauts thread on NeoGAF, often correcting different misconceptions:

I have the info. People have misconceptions, I like fixing those misconceptions. Is that so wrong? :)

Kinda like I'm doing right now...? O_O lol

Now then, let's take 'em on.
There was apparently a rumor that you would need to stay connected to WiFi in Scribblenauts constantly to play the game. This was quickly shot down by Jackson with some sarcasm.
We've changed Scribblenauts to now require you to first be in the range of the word.
If you want to type elephant you need to be within 15 feet of a real elephant. Don't worry we've hired 1000s of people called "Scribble Friends" to attached RFID chips to everything in the world.

Then there was of course the Joystiq video that was taken down. For a moment, rumors spread that it showed something "disappointing". However, Jackson clarified:

It was taken down because ******* showed too much straight footage which every other site (including *******) agreed to show much less than that. So it gave them something unfair over all other sites that got the preview build. So WB was trying to be fair and told them to take it down.

Conspiracy theorists ftl?

There has also been some recent rumblings about Scribblenauts not living up to it's hype (based on some of the previews complaining about the controls and the lack of some items). Jackson pointed out the source of all the hype

The thing is myself and 5TH Cell haven't really hyped the game, others have for us. We just said what the game is. And like any game, controls take awhile to get used to. It's not perfect, it's DS and we had a year to make it. It's just a really cool idea (ok I'm biased there ) that was done as best as it could be on a DS in a year's time. And most everyone comes back happy and impressed and every preview even the ones that point out flaws still say the game is the real deal and is worth buying.

One final point posted today, another fact that I didn't realize until Jackson said it

I'm not 100% certain, but I think she was holding it below his line of sight, behind the table. I could be wrong though... AI has line of sight though. So when it was standing upright, the bull noticed it immediately.

I didn't really realize, every time someone made an item for a person or animal, they always put it in front of the animal/person. I'm actually glad for this, you can try to hide from a bull, or something like that. It's not just people instinctively knowing an item is in play.


  1. Oh hey! Neat idea dude. I know I love to keep up with Jackson's posts on GAF...the guy is never afraid to answer a question

  2. This is interesting. Luckily though Jackson was being Sarcastic or man that would suck. But then going to a Zoo would then be fun if he wasnt being Sarcastic.

  3. @anon It would be awfully difficult to write "black hole" in that case.

    The controls are still the only thing really troubling about it. Hopefully the final final build has vastly improved control schemes. Unless all previewers haven't calibrated their screen properly?