Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Could Kotaku be planning a contest of their own?

The stars themselves point to "probably".

This video was updated on YouTube today:

Followed by this description:

"Fly-through of Scribblenauts level, to accompany write-up on the game that will run on Kotaku"

It seems like it's possible Kotaku will be running a similar contest to Edge and Joystiq, where they have the community try to solve a level. Their level of choice is 1-11, in which you must traverse a few obstacles in order to collect flowers.

This story itself might not be newsworthy, but as we've we seen from both the Edge and Joystiq videos, contests like this are a GREAT way for the community to test the limits of the game without actually having it in their hands. Let's hope it is what we think it is!


  1. i can not find article so i posted my answer on the youtube video
    this is it:

    flower 1.summon some honey and try to get the bee to go for it. then as the bee gets attracted to the honey summon a bear who should hopefully be attracted to the honey as well. With any luck the two will decide to fight each other for the honey and i am pretty confident the bear will win, during or after this whole affair get the flower (hoping the bear isn't one of the aggressive animals who just attacks you.)

    flower 2. create a fishing pole to catch the piranha (i am not sure if you must put bait on the fishing pole but if you have too put a worm or something.) when you have caught the fish just through the pole somewhere. collect the flower.

    flower 3. summon a magic carpet to fly up the ledge to collect the third and last flower (if your wondering, yes im the one who suggested using a magic carpet in the cage above lava level)

    I think that solution is pretty clever and if it works then i am even more confident of interaction level.

  2. Wait... how could you miss the most awesome thing about this video?

  3. Honestly, the player avatar doesn't actually look like Maxwell with the dress. Which is a pity, because actually having Maxwell in a wedding dress is both possible and hilarious.

    The easiest way to pass this level is with a single object. Namely, a fighterjet. Blast out the bee and piranha with its weaponry, then snatch the flowers and fly back to the basket.