Sunday, August 2, 2009

New preview of the "near final" build

This one is courtesy of Vooks. You can check the article here. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning (due to the camping trip) so my highlights section might be a little sparse. Make sure to read the preview yourself to make sure I didn't miss anything!


-Another confirmation that corpse + electricity = zombie. Hell yeah. I can't have that confirmed ENOUGH!

-Portal Gun does NOT exist, but rather, spawns a normal gun

-Beam Sword just produced a normal sword

-Rainbow is in as a background object (of course), though Pot of Gold only spawns a gold bar

-Puma, Lightbulb, Turnpike are in.

-On average you can spawn about 8-9 items at once

-President, Prime Minister, and Official all spawn the same object. We also know Democrat and Republican ALSO point to the president model, making for at least 5 words to 1 object

-Nuke kills everything and anything, even in sandbox mode. "Epic Fail" also spawns a nuke. "lol wut" seems to spawn a giant Maxwell head that you can wear...gonna have to see that one in action!

-Scribblenaut produces another mascot like Maxwell, and "Maxwell" produces another Maxwell with a palette swap

-Overall it was a pretty positive preview


  1. I can't wait to find out about more combonations like Corpse + Electricity = Zombie. Just imagine how many combonations exist when you have 10,000 words. (wonder how many actual objects it is when you break down the multiple words going to one object).

  2. The comment they said about "rock" is alittle weird.

  3. "Portal Gun does NOT exist"

    <( ;___; )>