Thursday, August 6, 2009

New interview with Brett Caird, QA Director at 5TH Cell

An early story today. This interview is done by "Atomic Maximum Power Computing", which...well...I'm not entirely sure why they wanted an interview with the maker of a NDS game, but that's ok! You can grab the interview here and the interesting tidbits below...

*The restrictions of the DS actually helped them narrow their focus. It probably wouldn't be the game it is now if they were allowed free reign with the graphics.

*The cartoon style is very important to the game, both in its creation and as its defining feature

*Not just marketed to kids, but rather, to just about anyone with an imagination

*"If we look at other systems, it won't be for a while"

*The game had a LOT of problems early on (due to the amount of objects they had to test), and it took their entire team to help fix them

*"There were some ideas like level specific rules that would restrict what a player could use in that level, and time limits, which in the end didn't seem necessary or fun so they were cut."

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  1. That magazine focuses on over clocking of PCs but they review games for every console as well.