Sunday, August 2, 2009

German video shows new level. Also, site news!

Thanks to SmellyWaffles of NeoGAF for finding this one. The video is entirely in German and contains 2 levels we've already seen. However, it also contains what we can assume is the puzzle level of World 10 that was included in the preview build. Remember, the preview build contained 1 puzzle and 1 action level from each world 2-10, and we've already seen the action level of world 10, which was the "suspended over lava" level.

Check it out

Got a couple of things worth mentioning here. First, I love his solution to that "collect the flowers" level. I would have never thought to use "Island" to cross the water, yet it seems so obvious! I also like he used a bird - natural enemy of both insects and fish - to kill the bee and piranha.

Of real note is the level we saw only a fleeting glimpse of: the prison level of world 10. We can infer it's a puzzle level, and it would seem a bunch of convicts have escaped prison and you have to help some police officers in stopping them. It also looks like you'll have to rescue some civilians and break down some barricades. It looks like a really involved and cool looking level.

As for site news, I'll be leaving for a camping trip sometime this afternoon, and I won't be back until Wednesday or Thursday. This is unfortunate as it seems a good deal of Scribblenews will be coming out this week, with at least Joystiq and 1Up releasing new videos. Still, I have faith in my two fellow contributors to pick up my slack.

But if you're wondering where I am, don't worry. I didn't quit again ;)

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  1. The island idea was genius! Why didn't I think of that? And the world 10 puzzle level looks awesome! I want this game so badly...