Sunday, August 30, 2009

Question of the week: On what platforms would you like to see Scribblenauts on?

5TH Cell has announced in the past they want to move on from the DS. In addition, they've told us we haven't seen the last of Scribblenauts. This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that eventually Scribblenauts could hit another platform, whether as a direct port, a remake, or perhaps even a sequel.

So my question for you guys is this: what platforms do you want to see Scribblenauts moved to? The PC for modding and the possibility of user generated content? The 360/PS3 with vastly improved graphics and physics engine? The Wii with the possibility for motion/pointer controls? Or do you never want to see it leave the DS?

Drop me a comment at the bottom of this page. You don't have to register or even supply a name, so anyone can participate.


  1. I believe the universal answer for this is "whatever system we already own!" LOL!

    But technically, I think it would work best on the DS or PC.

  2. Wii (w/ keyboard), DS, or PC

  3. Scribblenauts really could work on any platform. But I think PC has an advantage due to the keyboard. Obviously a great input device for a game that requires you to write words. :)

  4. Stay on the DS or hit the PC. Maybe the Wii but definantly if they hit the PC or Wii they would be able to make the game 3d which would be awesome if they do it. I mean who wouldnt want to see a 3d Maxwell with a 3d 1-1 for action?

  5. Definetely PC, but I'd be happy with whatever console they would decide to put it on.

  6. Never possible on 360 or PS3.
    Wii and PC would work though.

  7. PC and allow for content creators. Or just have Scribblenauts 2 and have an object creator with a Drawn to Life-esque thing added on for visuals.

  8. Definately not a home console. It could work, but it would limit it's pick-up-and-play style. So that's 360, PS3 and Wii out. As much as I hate myself for agreeing with a large majority, I could see it working on IPhone for this reason.
    PC is a possibility, as you're likely going to be doing other things whilst playing around. So it's pick-up-and-play concept remains.

  9. DS is the only console it seems usable on, the touch screen acts as an excelent keyboard and the drag and drop seems like something an analog stick or d-pad can replace, though, perhaps a psp if done right and a wii if it gets an overhaul worthy of a console, otherwise, DS is perfect for it

  10. think about this...
    you know how the wii supports ds interactivity, so why not be able to connect and control (maybe partially, or fully) with the ds if Scribblenauts was to ever see a second iteration on the family-friendly console. the possibilities for free-range multiplayer are frightening; imagine having 3 other friends play onscreen with separate avatars (maybe Maxwell, or a new hero) and summoning up different creatures to fight each other. battle royales have the potential to be amazing, mimicking fights like wizard/wizard fight in Disney's "The Sword in the Stone". increased memory/better graphics and physics engine on the wii, maybe even the inclusion of a (albeit rudimentary) adjective system... it would be a start nonetheless. i know fifth cell could push out a huge winner here. if you didnt own a ds, keyboard on the wii wouldnt be so much of a problem. but the ds compatibility would help to fix that as a major gaming flaw. if you like the game so much, just buy a ds. alas, i digress. reader, you know what i mean. i just want to get the concept across. maybe someone could even suggest it to fifth cell in an e-mail, if you guys think this would work.

  11. I couldn't see it working on X-Box 360, PS3 or the Wii. I mean, people are complaining about the controls on the DS, which seems to be the most logical control scheme they could come up with. Controls on the consoles would be horrible. Wii would be the best out of them all, and even then, it'd be really hard to use. However, it could definitely work on PC

  12. The modding capability allowed for by the PC is a strong justification for a PC port.

    Additionally, as mentioned two comments above, the Wii allows for DS connectivity. DS-Wii Scribblenauts multiplayer 'ala Four Swords Adventures would be incredible.

    Although I'd actually just prefer DS-to-DS wifi Scribblenauts multiplayer.

    Here's an idea, 5th Cell: provide a Scribblenauts application over WiiWare, which basically acts as a Scribblenauts multiplayer server. The additional processing power of the Wii massively extends the memory bar, and four or more player can connect with their DS consoles. AWESOME.

  13. Easy. It begins and end with the iPhone.

  14. Look out, here come the grammar police!
    You don't need the word "on" at both the start and end of the title of this article.
    You should say "On what platforms would you like to see Scribblenauts?" or "What platforms would you like to see Scribblenauts on?"

    Anyway, I could imagine it working well on the Wii and PC since the Wii Remote and the PC Mouse both provide very similar functions to that of the touchscreen.

    Having a real keyboard to type the words on would be nice, so the PC gets bonus points there. However, PS3 and 360 both have keyboard attachments available for their controllers, and althought an analog stick isn't quite the same as a mouse, pointer or touchscreen, I could imagine it working well enough that those consoles would stand a chance too.

    So really, PSP is the only system I'd bet against since it has such a painful inbuilt text entry system.

    I can imagine it on consoles and PC with 3D graphics but still having the gameplay limited to a 2D playing field. Not sure how well it would work with full 3D freedom of movement though.

  15. I want it multiplatfrom :-) (XBo360,PS3,PC,Wii and handheld versions) - thats the only correct way :-)

  16. I really want to see it come out to the PC, even though I never thought about how scribblenauts will be Confteble, except from typing in a QWERTY keyboard other then touching it, which is the first improvement to be.

    I think that the graphics could be improved aswell, like what happand with GTA Chinatown wars from the DS to the PSP, you can really see the diffrences.

    Or bring out a new Scribblenauts DSi exlusive which will work on some high physics, new levels, maybe new graphics.

    For the official question, Yes: I would like to see it comes to the PC / DSi ( Exlusive new version of the game, Same concept, Same avatars, same ideas, but new gameplay / graphics )

  17. I am not at all a PC gamer so this may sound ignorant but, do companies encourage modding?

    Anyway i as an Xbox 360(and Wii) owner would love this on Xbox and think it could work.1. xbox has decent text entry and an attachable keyboard(i don't know how well the keyboard's are selling, but perhaps it could come along free with scribblenauts which would make that a pretty attractive offer)
    2.Xbox could make the scribblenauts graphics extremely nice, and totally overhaul the "wonky" physics.
    3.of course it could allow tons more memory and plenty of online options, not to mention new words. regards to the controls i see many ways it can work; maybe scroll through on-screen objects with right stick(select it with A and choose an action), move maxwell with the left stick, and look around screen with d-pad, i don't think controls will be an issue
    though a console version will not have the same pick-up and play feel.
    of course DLC; my idea for this is something like what Super Smash Bros. Brawl does where it gives you a map that they think is good on a daily or weekly basis, so every day you can get a new interesting user created map. dealing with memory you can have A TON more on-screen items, much more complex interactions, more items, less repeated assets( no more democrat=republican=president=official=all political related people, situations). multiplayer options, even using wi-fi, and new modes(perhaps x vs y, team puzzles, sandbox) i suppose everything i lister also applies to PS3 but the PS3 seems to not have the right audience for it

    everyone here is saying PC. i don't play any PC but ill give it a fair opinion. theres the modding possibilities involved which seems to be a plus(idk if companies like this?) and some better graphics and stuff. but why i think, a pc version is unlikely, or at least a PC exclusive version, is audience. Scribblenauts can, and will be enjoyed by adults and college student alike, but WILL be carried by kids. this game is made for a young audience and totally designed for it, from the ESRB rating(the don't refuse to show blood just for fun), to the art style, to the music, even the box cover is made for children, this is the target audience. i am fairly sure that 1. PC gamers are typically older the console gamers 2. PC doesn't have many young gamers 3. the children they're marketing towards have gaming PC's. so i believe PC version unlikely, and damn near impossible if there is not also a console release. sorry PC guys(but i of course, might be wrong)

    And now i have to say it. i believe the Wii has this game already.
    its children/family based, thats a plus
    the remote will work well enough typing, that's a plus
    5th Cell is already on a Nintendo platform, BIG +
    ds/Wii conectivity options, that's a plus
    Scribblenauts, in my mind, is pretty much bound for Wii and any other system is pretty unlikely, despite possibilities

    i have to say hell no to 3-d graphics, the xbox ps3 pc and even wii couls easily clean up the 2-d look and make it very polished, the art style is part of the fun in scribblenauts and gives it that approachable, cartoony style

    i have written way too much haven't i? im just bored and want to share an opinion

    Oh, one last thing. Not to say you jumped the gun but scribblenauts may never see a new platform."what?" you say, "you're crazy!" you say, well no. let's go back to good old Jeremiahs interview about consoles and Scribblenauts. Jeremiah has said that 5th cell is done with "original games for the DS" this scared a lot of people, who believed this meant they decided to just copy everyone else. but what he actually meant is they are done making NEW series for the DS, put simply, anything they release on the DS will either be the next Lock's Quest, Drawn to Life or Scribblenauts, and any new series they make will be strictly on a console or PC. so scribblenauts might just never see a new system

    oh and one last thing, not to pick at details but jeremiah said they were going to move to making games on CONSOLES now, which i take as not the PC

  18. most likely i want it to stay on the ds but not bothered if they choose anything else

  19. I would say DS only :) it's just something I would enjoy whenever I'm on vacation or something and it's raining outside or anything similar. Wierdly enough I don't feel like it would be that great on a console :( even with uber better graphics :|

  20. Pc for the mods and typabilty(also multiplayer?). I don't really think the other consoles would work though.

    On another note according to this website

    It won't be out in New Zealand until October 2
    any confirmation of this?

  21. FYI everyone, the Wii works with any USB keyboard which most people have.

  22. @AHomelessHomie

    Some game companies actively encourage game modifications. Valve Software, for instance. The Source SDK comes free with practically any Valve game, and allows for incredible modding freedom.

    To everyone: I'm not sure it's actually POSSIBLE to create a Scribblenauts with full 3D graphics. Recall that there are a LOT of graphical assets in the game. Imagine recreating every object in existence as a full, HD-res 3D model. Now imagine trying to store all those models (and textures!) in a reasonably-sized game.

  23. I think that the game is appropriate for the DS only, but the PC would make the typing much easier. And, since it's already on a Nintendo System, people will try for a Wii version as well. I SAY NAY!

    to make more money, simply sell scribblenauts-themed products. (like the rooster hats for example, since they are already sold out as a pre-order bonus.)

  24. it would work well onwhat ever you put it on and for home consoles just put a key board in like on the 360 thers a minie key board that clips into the controller it would work fine :) but 3d would be odd inless it was 2.5d but meh i wana play it on the ds before i start wanting it for my pc or wii 360 or what ever

  25. I agree with most comments here, Especially the selling merchandise and wii/ds crossover.

    If Scribblenauts Is released on the wii ill buy a wii, If on the 360 ill try to save enough dough. But sorry im not buying a PS3 for scribblenauts unless the bring more good games and reduce the price.

    If they realease updates thorough wifi ill buy another copy of the DS game, just so i can have all the updates on different levels.


  26. Honestly, I would never want to see Scribblenauts on another system, unless it was released as a Downloadable Game.

    a) The touch screen controls fit wonderfully on the system. Using a controller could work, but it would be tedious.

    b) If it was released as a full retail game for PC/PS3/Wii/Xbox 360, the game would end up losing focus on the gameplay and focus on graphics/sound so on and so forth. Even 5th Cell said that they focused everything on gameplay for this project.

  27. Pc and Ds, i find really strange that Nintendo wont go after exclusivity.....

  28. I really like it on the DS. If I HAD to choose any other system, it would be the Wii.

  29. Wait.....How does one make a sequel to this?

  30. I'm somewhat scared people are still disregarding the Pick-up-and-Play factor...

    Like MeTheGameMakingGuy said, some companies actively encourage modding. Not just Valve, but Bethesda, the creators of Fallout 3 and Oblivion. They release editing kits which can be downloaded from their website. It's one of the many things the console versions miss out on.

    Also, it also wouldn't completely fix the wonky physics, even with more power from the system, it's down to the developers to fix them.
    And as for the "making for consoles" part, they never said the next game they were making was Scribblenauts. You've got to give them a break and make OTHER GAMES occasionally, ya know. <(^_^)>

  31. Personally, I don't want it on any console besides Nintendo consoles, because I don't think it would work well on the 360/PS3. As cool as it would be on the Wii, I would like the series to stay on the DS, even if it means cool motion controls would be added.

  32. This really should stay on the DS, as it's simply made for it. Otherwise, the PC is second simply because it would be MUCH easier to create user generated content, and even easier to share (NO MORE FRIEND CODES). Many more modes could also be introduced since the PC obviously is more powerful and can store more information.

    This doesn't seem like a game which would work well on a TV; the typing would be rather slow without a keyboard (and most gamers don't have a keyboard for their console).

    However, I don't expect a port any time soon; a PC version would require much better graphics and some redesign of the physics engine.

  33. Stay on NDS and work on a sequel with more options. Of course, you could then port this game on similiar powerful devices like PSP or Iphone. But please dont waste ideas for HD-graphics.

  34. PS3/360. But you better keep the art style the same. Fuk that 3D noise.

  35. @ the above Anonymous

    PS3 junky much -_-. Those yuck systems will never work for scribblenauts. The controls don't match, and it would juts be stupid. I think WII/PC, because of control and keyboard capability.

  36. PC, because of the possibility for continual updates, graphical mods, user created content, etc.

  37. I honestly think PC would be best. Nearly everybody has one, and it would be easy to access. It is not a what i would call "graphic intensive game" so it would run fine on most computers. The mouse and keyboard suit the game perfectly, and with the endless amounts of fan based levels designs and perhaps new/custom objects, Scribblenauts would be even more amazing on PC. :)

  38. iPhone.

    This thing will just take off on the iPhone

  39. PC with Games for Windows Live Integration. XBLA and PSN. WiiWare. iPhone.

    Everything :D

    But PC first and foremost.

  40. The PC would be best definitely. it could have updates from the internet, always adding new words, and a item creator would be awesome to where u pick the size, shape, and color of each individual part

  41. I'm not sure how useful the comments you're getting are going to be sisnce it seems more people are posting to knock another console because of their own fanboyism.

    Personally i think the game should be available on as many platforms as possible. I'd imagine you've done the hard work getting the engine running and tweaking.

  42. Wii or 360. The Wii would be cool to actually drag and drop the items, although the typing might be a little hard. The 360 would have improved graphics and not to mention the massive hard drives people have for them, allowing alot more levels. And also it would be crazy to see what you could download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

  43. PC is a no-brainer.
    1. The keyboard
    2. Storage!
    3. Modding
    4. Easy user-content sharing
    5. Updates
    If it moves to PC it will undoubtably be a greater game than it can be on any other platform.