Thursday, September 3, 2009

Incredibly inspiring story of the start and success of 5TH Cell. Also discusses plans for the Wii and Xbox Live

The Seattle Times posted a story today detailing the humble beginnings of 5TH Cell, revealing some interesting backstory of the development studio behind Scribblenauts.

Turns out 5TH Cell began as just two people who met one another online. Though they initially wanted to make bigger online games they found that their lack of funds held them back, forcing them to start small and work on mobile games. After signing with some publishers they started to see the cash flow a bit and set their sights on the DS. Nintendo initially rejected their first "Drawn to Life" concept, but almost a year later changed their mind after a second pitch. DtL went on to sell a million copies, more than enough to fund their next projects. Inbetween this all they saw growing and shrinking in their tiny development studio, sometimes forced to lay people off when money was low.

Their story is literally that of a Cinderella Story, a rags to riches tale of four guys who didn't even meet until they signed a deal with THQ at E3. It's a really incredible story, one you don't hear too much of nowadays.

Towards the end it's easy to miss this last bit of interesting info. We know 5TH Cell wants to break out of the handheld market...but where are they most likely to be headed? Well...

THQ agreed to publish the title, which sold a million copies and funded what's now a 34-person studio putting the finishing touches on "Scribblenauts" and aiming to release games for the Wii and Xbox Live in the next year or two.

Scribblenauts is bound to propel them even higher on the game development food chain, making them a studio we should definitely keep an eye on in the future.


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    I wanna say that this site is a cinderella story in itself. It started as just a man writing about a game he was interested and has grown into the must favourite site if your all about scribblenauts. This site pwns, its by fsr the best database of all things scribblenauts on the net.

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