Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oops! That review I mentioned earlier? Well, something WAS fishy...

And that something was that they reviewed a preview copy. Which was purposefully stripped of features. And they broke the review embargo. Jackson over at GAF tells us why G4 is full of shit...

The "review" isn't real they scored a preview build what they did was unethical they broke the review embargo date early by reviewing an older preview build that had lots purposefully missing they should know better and you won't find this "review" online. I'm typing from my iPhone at PAX so excuse my sentence structure

Wow. As I mentioned below - when I first reported on the review this morning - something felt very weird about the whole thing. The score didn't match their words at all and the review itself seemed REALLY early. Initially I speculated that they broke the embargo and rated the game low in order to generate publicity. I edited out that part after reviewing my work, figuring that I shouldn't accuse them of such a thing with no evidence.

Well, I'm back to accusing them. They broke their embargo, reviewed a incomplete preview build, and rated it low based on problems that might not even exist in the final copy. That's low, a new low of gaming journalism that tarnishes the reputations of them all. It's misleading to consumers and damaging to the companies.

One must question what exactly they had to gain from all of this. Certainly it severely damaged their reputation among Warner Bros and 5TH Cell. You got to wonder...were they really doing it for publicity?


  1. Just when you doubt Scribblenauts...Jackson comes along are proves how awesome it is, without even trying. <3

  2. Wow, just wow. But honestly, ROTR and especially Victor Lucas would never intentionally try to tarnish the developer's reputation or anything. Perhaps they weren't aware of the embargo, I don't know. And there's no absloutely no way they would do this for publicity.

  3. oh, they fixed the controls for scribblenauts? anyway even if the controllers did suck the game would still be great! i think they remove the vid off the website though...

  4. sorry for my language but what arseholes

  5. Having just watched the review now, their mention of E3 Hype makes me think they probably gave it those scores to try to reduce the hype a bit. This game has been massively hyped and when peoples' expectations get that high, there's bound to be a lot of disappointment when the game is released.

  6. not to hate on canada, but after reading the last post its funny how he goes "just cause its a canadian site, doesnt mean they don't have the full retail version and they dont know how to review"(not perfect quote but close) and it seems all of that is true. it seems retail was handed out mainly to US sites, they didn't have retail versions, and based on this they don't no or at least don't give much thought about what they're doing. anyway i believe, very firmly, that no matter what i'll like this game, sloppy controls, graphics, anything. i think the concept can carry this game

    also if we watch when a person on the staff of 5th Cell plays Scribblenauts they control it very well, or at least with minor frustrations, so i assume with time it can be mastered and with Scribblenauts i think its worth it to master controls.

    also i doubt tehre is going to be true frustration, i am very quick to say some rather unsettling comments when a game is annoying but in scribblenauts, you won't curse the game because it won't preform, i think you will have to just have to focus on what you can do not say "god, this part is so retarded" but "if the whip won't kill him, what will! THINK!"