Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grab some new screens for Back to School week

Scribblenauts has an official Facebook page now...which is apparently different than this one. I imagine they're both for Australia and one for North America? Who knows. Hopefully confusion will be cleared up once the official website (man, am I tired of typing the word "official"!) links to them properly.

Regardless, it's a safe bet to assume it's official (last time) given these 5 new pictures celebrating the time honored tradition of...going back to school. It shows 5 levels being solved with school related items. Let's take a look...

A desk, a chair, an alarm, a bell, a clock, and of course an apple...all makes for the perfect tower to get over an obstacle.

Attack of the school supplies! Not sure if that'll help you knock down the bottles, though. Check out the size of that tack!

Coffee (or tea). As the boyfriend to an aspiring teacher, I can tell you that some sort of pick-me-up in the morning is VERY important. And, thankfully for this guy, very refreshing.


The best way to catch a butterfly is to recruit an army of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Albert Einstein. Obviously.

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