Saturday, September 5, 2009

First review hits, definitely not that flattering

Scribblenauts finally received its first review score, which seems a bit weird as it was my understanding the game is under review embargo. Anyways, it was on the show called "Reviews on the Run", which airs on a Canadian version of G4.

You can find said review right here. Simply click the "Reviews on the Run" tab and select the September 4th episode. Then you're good to go.

So, the final scores?

7.0 and 7.5


Now before you have your hearts broken TOO much I'd like to take a look at this review. It's actually pretty weird, as the score doesn't seem match up with their review. They spend about 3 minutes explaining and praising the game, and it'soOnly in the last 30 seconds or so do they mention how the controls were a pain. Apparently a single problem, one they seemingly only brush over, drops the score by 30%. Honestly, it makes me suspect their review scores were purposefully skewed lower due to other reasons. At the end they mention that it didn't live up to their expectations stemming from the E3 hype, which leads me to believe they were disappointed due to being overhyped. Perhaps that is why they were more harsh on it than I was expecting.

Also, though I have no idea if they are breaking their review embargo or not, I'd say the possibility is likely given the fact other big sites and publications must have their review copies by now. If the embargo is up then we would have certainly seen other reviews by now, right? But we haven't, and so far they've been the only people to get a review in. Strange.

Of course, all of this could also mean that the controls really are THAT big of an issue, something we should all keep in mind as well. Control issues can be dealbreakers for people.

Regardless, as far as I know this is the first review to hit, so looks like we'll be seeing more over the next week.


  1. Yeah I was confused as well and I actually made a thread about it on The Electric Playground forums asking Vic (who posts there from time to time) if there was anything else he disliked that wasn't mentioned in the review. Hopefully he'll let us know.

  2. This seems fishy to me. I've never known G4 to have unbiased review, but this seems like it's more than that.

  3. just because they are a review show from canada doesnt mean they cant get a full review yet and that they are idiots who cant judge games, theyve been doing it for over 10 years and they are well known worldwide.

  4. I agree, Anon 3. I just went over this post again, as I had written it early in the morning when I wasn't too awake. I did a bit more research and revised it.

  5. oh matter what reviewers say about this game,i'm still gonna get it. even if it gets a 1 by every other reviewer(which i know it won't).

  6. I remember hearing from IGN's Nintendo Podcast that the controls were a bit clunky as well. I'll hold off any judgements until after I hear several reviews, as well as write my own.

  7. I don't doubt the controls are sloppy. I just am confused how that can be worth so many points off, you know? Even in this video they only talk about it a little bit. Weird! Guess I'll have to get my hands on it