Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well here's a weird contest

File this under "Scribblenauts seriously appeals to everyone", I guess.

Ever hear of Well, you have heard of it now, and there aren't any surprises to that site...they literally have resources for people with kids. That's about it. So how they managed to offer a contest like this one is beyond me. I imagine that parents would be busy citing videogames as the reason for obesity or war or perhaps genocide.

Anyways, there doesn't seem like there's much to it. Enter a name and email and you're in the drawing. Three winners will be announced. As long as this copy doesn't like...accidentally get you pregnant or something, there doesn't seem to be any catch.


  1. Oh God, be careful of this site guys. I just turned off Adblock for a few minutes and have reason to believe Jerimiah is somehow influencing the internet.

    This is an actual screenshot I actually just took for actual. Can you see the subliminal messages?

    Someone NEEDS to contact him and let him know he's been sussed. We can't let him get away with this. :|