Monday, August 31, 2009

Live in Australia/New Zealand? Have a good imagination? Want to win Scribblenauts and rooster hats?

If the answer to all of those (complicated) questions is a resounding "YES!", then Vooks has the contest for you., an Australian-based video game website, has revealed one of the cooler contests we've seen. They've outlined a scenario - which I will quote below - and have asked their readers to solve it as creatively as they can. Two winners will receive a copy of the game and a rooster helmet. Two runner ups will receive just the rooster helmet.

You can read more about the contest right here, and the scenario of the game below...

You wake up to realize there’s a T-rex in your front yard! Summoning three different items, how will you get past the terrifying dinosaur so you can get to school or work?
But wait there’s more!

Whilst open-ended, your items must follow these rules (the same rules of the game)

1) Must be a noun
2) No naughty stuff, adults-only stuff or swear words
3) No trademarks or characters (so ’car’ is fine, but Ford Falcon is not; favourites such as Mario, Link and Samus are unfortunately not allowed).

Simply jot down (in fewer than 200 words), act out or draw, how you’ll do the above impossible feat. Remember contestants, we’re looking for creative solutions here, not just the most powerful items. We will be particularly interested in seeing ideas that implement the items three TOGETHER in a uniquely innovative way!


  1. tranquilizer, harness, and time machine: shoot dino to put to sleep, harness it, go forward in time to when it awakes, then take it back and ride to school

    Now I just need to move to Australia :D

  2. Summon another T-Rex, then a bow and lipstick to dress the T-Rex up. Whilst the original T-Rex is distracted by coming onto your dragdino you just walk past and carry on about your business. (y) <(^__^)>

  3. summon a train, glue and a hole. jump in the train, and push the t-rex. then place the hole behind the dino and put the glue at the bottom so when the dino falls in he's stuck

    but im in america =(