Saturday, September 5, 2009

PAX in Pictures (Day 2)

Yesterday I gathered up a bunch of PAX impressions people were posting over on Twitter. Well, today was more of the same, but honestly a good 90% were "Wow, Scribblenauts kicks ass!", and while seemingly accurate, it's not exactly interesting reading material.

Instead I'll share some pictures of the Scribblenauts booth and people playing it...including one certain assassin...

[Again, this will be updated throughout the night. I'm on EST, meaning PAX is occurring 3 hours in the past to me. PAX is open until 3:00am, so expect even more media as people head home]


  1. PAX pictures are BORING!!!

  2. Hey Penguin,

    Are you still going to post the rest of the PAX Impressions?

  3. To my surprise not a lot came out from Twitter/forums over the weekend. I'm hoping a lot of people just didn't have access to the internet while at PAX. I'm hoping to see some belated stuff in the coming days

  4. I luckily got a free pass into PAX yesterday, and here are my impressions of Scribblenauts:

    The game is amazing! I flew a pterodactyl and swooped down to attack various enemies, such as yetis and monsters, but I'm not sure if my attacks did any damage.
    I spawned a cannibal and it tried to eat me, so I killed it with a flamethrower.
    "Super Gun" spawns a gigantic cannon-like weapon.
    "Genie" spawns a genie of course, but when I interacted with it, it turned into what looked like a gold business card.
    My friend spawned "Hell," and a menacing red building was spawned, and demons started coming out of it.
    Finally, the controls were okay, but they took a little getting used to.