Friday, September 4, 2009

PAX Impressions from Twitter (Day 1)

tinysubversions Oh wow. Scribblenauts is AMAZING.

majornelson Loving Scribblenauts. I need to get someone from that project on my show.

sleet01 Chillaxin' in BYOC. Scribblenauts was so amusing and entertaining I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

maro254 I'm at PAX today doing "research". The game that has most impressed me (you know other than Duels & MO) is a DS game called Scribblenauts.

Lag0s omg scribblenauts is so many win #pax09

JoMasta Everyone loves the WB booth and Scribblenauts!

in_orbit Scribblenauts is pretty much the greatest game in history. A bold statement, yes, but just trust me on this one. #scribblenauts #pax

Brian_Lutz Favorite games I've seen at #PAX so far: Scribblenauts, Muramasa, DeathSpank. Waiting for Diablo 3i now.

nakedinternsusi no really, it smells like PAX. strong, musty, PAXers. goo. and I want Scribblenauts. now.

Sorry for the lack of posts today, it was busy on my end. Throughout the day I've been collecting various impressions and pictures off of Twitter from people playing the game. These are my compilations of day one.

[Note] I'll be updating this throughout the night


  1. You're not going to win, my friend

  2. Wow! Now i'm really excited for this game!And stop trolling dude, it's annoying.

  3. I can do this all day, duder. There's a nice little trashcan next to each comment which allows me to throw them away.

  4. Man, I wish I could go to PAX.Sadly,it's too far away.Only 11 days until this game is released,though. I can't wait!

  5. Just thought you should know the first real review for the game is out from Reviews On The Run.

    Just click on the Reviews On The Run tab in the video player and choose September 4. It's the first review in the show.