Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A bunch of new screens of items in game, thanks to NGamer Mag

Yesterday NGamer Magazine asked for the Twitter crowd to suggest them items to try out in Scribblenauts. And try they did! You can find the full list of suggested words over here, but judging by how many "break the rules" (or just don't make any sense!) don't be surprised that the follow list is smaller the one I just linked you.

For most part, though, Scribblenauts passed with flying colors. Indeed, even in areas where it might have failed NGamer was able to use their imagination to make it work. Check it out...and warning...there's a lot of pictures.

Zweihander (type of sword, as you cans see)

Liger (Tiger + Lion...?)


NOT Ruud Gullit on a shed, but this IS a football player (Ruud is a proper noun!)



Singer with a football and hotdog on a trampoline. The singer ended up toss the football and eating the hotdog.


Politician wired to a polygraph (for someone's suggest of, "an honest MP")


Hippo with saddle

Brass knuckles


SirPenguin (hurrah! Unfortunately he couldn't wear both the monocle and the tophat. They're probably both considered "head pieces")

Cherry picker

Bowl/Cheese (someone wanted a bowl of cheese...)

There might be more of these throughout the day, so I'll be sure to keep you guys updated


  1. thats my chukar!!!

  2. Aw... no missile riding ninjas?

    nice none the less

  3. They'll be more later on this afternoon

  4. notice how it says press build

  5. I they are still accepting requests, could someone ask them to write waffle?