Thursday, July 16, 2009

Foreign news, video, and screenshots galore

Today has been a busy day in the foreign department. We've seen some new news, videos, and at least one new screenshot thanks to our friends overseas. I have compiled a small listing of things I've found here. Hope you find it useful.


Thanks to fellow affiliate @Scribblenaut for basically the entire part of this post. This interview, over at Nederob, is lengthy, full of info, but in Dutch. And though I could use an online translator it always misses most of the important info and wording. Thankfully he was kind enough to read through it and pick out the interesting and important bits. I bullet pointed them here:

-There is no "draw your own character" unlockable avatar. It crossed their mind, but Drawn to Life has two publishers now and could have problems associated with it.

-Scribblenauts was originally based on the idea of writing your own story.

-Hitler isn't it. Lincoln is. Napoleon the person isn't in, but the sandwich is

-Just because they CAN use WB licensed characters (i.e., Batman) doesn't mean they SHOULD

-A fridge can store items, and upon taking them out they're cold. Neat touch!

-Ollars are used to unlock new levels. Using "cheap" solutions will earn you less ollars and probably prevent you from advancing.


Pirate vs. Ninja - A short but cool video showing a pirate and a ninja fighting. Though I can't fully tell, it seems the Ninja didn't spawn with a weapon but the Pirate did, and thus that might be the reason why the Ninja died so quickly. Of course Maxwell fixed any problems with bias by simply blowing him the hell up with a rocket launcher.

4 minute interview - This is an interview with Marius Fahlbusch , the Technical Director of 5TH Cell. Though it doesn't contain much in the way of new content it is interesting to listen to, so give it a watch.

2 minute interview - This is shorter but contains a very interesting tidbit I mentioned earlier today: Marius claims we can have 20-24 items onscreen at once, IN ADDITION TO items already present in a level. Wow. Think we can trust it?



  1. so there could be WB characters!? amazing!!!

  2. No, Anon. That is exactly what Marius was trying to deconfirm in the interview. It is possible, but they won't.

  3. awesome! Great info!

  4. there is an interesting claim in the second video too he says scribblenauts comes out september 23rd while WB seems to be saying it comes out on the 15th

  5. From what we've gathered the North American release is the 15th. The 23rd seems to be the PAL release.

  6. That screenshot is awesome. Maxwell has a farm. :)

    Why, though, is the farm in "Dark Hollow"? It doesn't really seem to fit the shadowy cave theme implied by the title.

  7. Hi, thank you for referring to my interview with Marius on If you want to, I can translate some of it. Just ask for it on my blog OK? It's no big problem :)

  8. JOsha, i cant copy / paste my translation in here. Email me if you want it. I got the interview translated for like 70 percent.