Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scribblenautic Fanart Gallery: Thursday Edition

Welcome to yet another edition the Fanart Gallery. Today we see the widest every variety in avatars and the people who are making them, so check it out!

Courtesy of imprecise!


Team Fortress 2 is probably my favorite online shooter that's ever been released, and I log in pretty much at least once a week to play around. I love any sort of crossover between two games that I love, so to see the TF2 Soldier scribblefied makes me giddy.

Courtesy of Versipellis

Even inanimate objects look pretty awesome when Scribblefied. Here we see the phonebooth from the TV series, "Dr. Who"

Courtesy of Jocchan

Heh, this is a pretty unique take on Von Karma, chief prosecutor in the first Phoenix Wright game. Note the fire

Courtesy of Divvy

Divvy really, really outdid himself with this batch. As you can see we have several different version of Samus Aran from Nintendo's Metroid series. In most of her games she gets some sort of new suit, starting at the Varia up at top, and ending with the Fusion and Phazon suits shown at the bottom. Believe it or not he released all of these masterpieces at once, showing his dedication to this.

You are now manually wanting Metroid: Scribblestyle

Courtesy of Caddywompus21

Thanks to Twitter user @Octanitrogen I was able to discover this works done by Caddywompus over at IGN. Like the GAFfers this guy is taking requests for avatars and Scribblefying popular characters. Here we see Godot (to go with the Von Karma above?) and a very rich, very happy Miyamoto. You check out more his work in this thread.

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