Thursday, July 16, 2009

My new favorite Scribblenaut video. It's quite absurd

The guys over at Buttonmasher were able to get hands-on with the game and decided to do a preview video for it. Except this wasn't your typical type of preview. It's absurd, a bit incoherent, and reminds me of almost a documentary type video.

But it's definitely the funniest video I've seen in regards to Scribblenauts.

It's a YouTube video which I would normally just embed, but head over with this link to watch the widescreen HD'd version. It's worth it.

So then! What did we learn in this 3 minute video? Well...

-Feep, the author of the most incredible Post 217, spawns in...AS A ROBOT ZOMBIE. Oh man, what a great homage he turned out to be. Unfortunately he dies to a ray gun, the very item he claimed could not kill robot zombies!

-You can't eat things, such as spinach. Not sure why. Chef likes spinach because he can cook with it.

-The NeoGAF logo can spawn gamers or be ridden. I'm also not sure why.

-He put a dinosaur egg in a stove, and it fucking made a dinosaur egg omlette. A caveman then decided to eat it. holy fuck.

-Their "word challenge" succeeded. The word, a Grimlakin, is in the game. Check out the Wikipedia article if you have no idea what they're talking about. I sure didn't.

-Scribblenauts will make you hate your life, because it'll remind you that you cannot spawn whatever item you like in real life.

Man. What a great video.


  1. You can't eat stuff? That's... bizarre. Maybe it's just spinach - Maxwell might really hate spinach or something.

    Also, grimalkin? Even my spell-checker says it's not a word! Wow. Just... wow.

  2. New vid was cool