Friday, July 17, 2009

UK gets release date, Edge announces contest winners

Got a couple of news pieces coming out of our tea drinking neighbors.

First, Eurogamer has revealed the release date for the UK copy: September 25th, 10 days after the North American release. You can check out the news right here.

In other news, Edge has announced the winners for their contest and promise videos - at least sometime in the near future. Here are the following winners and their solutions:

1st place
@shinibi - steel above starite via "grappling hook", "fire" to burn Maxwell's rope, and "termites" to eat the cage. Starite get?

2nd place
@Elecveg - Grappling Hook to Maxwell, shoot at right metal block. Pull up. Remove hat when over cage, release hook, use Drill to get in.

3rd place
@Synthic - 1) Summon a pterodactyl, glue a plank horizontally to its head, position it so plank is under the cage. 2) Give yourself wings, take off top hat, land on the plank next to cage. Get axe, destroy cage, get Starite that's on the plank

So congratulations to the above winners! You guys definitely earned it. Hopefully we'll see some new videos or screenshots up showing just how awesome (or not!) these solutions worked out!


  1. I simply don't understand Shinibi's
    and also elecveg seems to be able to drill into the cage which i assumes breaks the top and hasnt it been established if any of the cage breaks it all goes?
    well anyway congrats to all, wish i had vid to understand it though

  2. Anon - This is what Edge had to say about Shinibi's...

    "Congrats to @shinibi, our grand winner despite landing in the lava!"

    I'm guessing the guy fell with the starite and grabbed it before slamming into the lava?

  3. Hello, just wanted to compliment you on your Scribblenauts blog. It's nice to have the news in one place.

    Oh, in the middle of the night last night, I figured it out. Give Maxwell a swimming pool cleaning net to hold under the cage, and have termites eat the cage.

    If things like this wake me up before I even have the game, its going to be crazy once I have it. I can't wait!

  4. I want to read how to do it so bad, but refuse to spoil the puzzles of the game for me. The first world isnt so bad, since the levels are so simple, but after that, I know that if I know HOW to beat them, I wont be able to think for myself.

    Watching videos of people spawning "Cthulu" and "Feep" is one thing, but I cant bring myself to learn how to beat hardest stages in the game months before the game is out. I wont allow it.

  5. Good luck, man. You have more willpower than me ;)