Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New videos showcase some Scribbleoddities

Props to @Scribblenaut for sharing these two new (foreign) videos with me. They show some rather...interesting things in Scribblenauts. You can check them out here. You'll find one video right below the other.

The first video shows the titlescreen sandbox mode. First we see him spawn in a vampire which immediately goes to attack him. He gets hit a good amount of times, but because this is the sandbox mode I have a feeling Maxwell can't die.

He then brings in a werewolf and surprisingly the vampire and werewolf don't fight. Then something weird happens...he spawns in a full moon, and the werewolf turns into a man! Clever joke or bug? You decide.

Either way, NOW the vampire wants some tasty manflesh and kills the man pretty quickly. This turns him into a ghoul of sorts, and they both begin chasing Maxwell around. The previewer thinks quickly and puts in the sun. Not only did this kill the vampire, but it actually turned him into dust! Amazing touch. The ghoul, however, did not succumb to the sun, so Maxwell had to improvise.

And what better way to improvise than a rocket launcher. It kills the ghoul, knocks Maxwell back, and apparently destroys itself.

The 2nd video is a good deal shorter but also shows off a new property of starites we're learning about today...starites can be destroyed. We've known that obvious things can destroy starites, such as nukes and blackholes and bottomless pits. But here we see Maxwell hopping onto a brontasaurus to get the starite out of the tree...and accidentally smashing it to pieces!

It brings up a lot of questions. What exactly can destroy it? If I attacked it with, say, a small creature, would it still be destroyed? Finally, we're seeing from level 10-6 that the fact a starite CAN be destroyed is actually used in some puzzles. In 10-6 the starite in in a cage suspended above lava. But don't think you can blast your way into the cage. The explosion, if it doesn't kill you, will most likely destroy the star.

We're seeing a real layer of depth in this game that perhaps we weren't too aware of before. Not only will objects have some complex interactions with Maxwell, but also with each other. The first video in particular showcases this with the vampire. In one video we see that he was afraid of garlic, wants to kill people, turns others into ghouls, and turns to dust in the sun. And that's just one object in a handful of situation.

This game...is going to be epic.

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  1. I'm thinking the vampire and werewolf didn't fight because of the big sprig of garlic in the middle. The vampire was fleeing into the corner, and the werewolf was just... sort of... standing around... at the other side.

    The vampire changed his mind and attacked later. Why? Maxwell dropped the garlic. The ex-wolf then came and ate it (or something?), removing the extreme repulsion force of this popular spice and allowing the vampire to sahk his blud.