Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The "cans" and "cannots" of 10-6

Edge continues to update and answer questions about people trying to solve 10-6. They've clarified some things for people, so make sure you're taking them into account. You can track their impromptu Q&A session at their twitter page, but I'll also be updating this post throughout with any new clarification.

Scribblenauts: the most frequent questions and errors! You CAN have wings, steel boxes, attach things to the cage, and remove the hat.

Hmm, so you CAN remove the hat, and now it seems the rope holding you up isn't imprisoning you, but rather, it's saving you from death.
So this basically means your goal is to cut one rope, not two. Quite the plot twist! And you can attach things to the cage, ala grappling hook, and though we probably knew that it's good to get the confirmation.

You CANNOT cool the lava in any way suggested thus far, use vehicles without drivers, use a hovercraft, or put things inside the cage

This is a bit disappointing as I hoping some of the suggestions (namely, liquid nitrogen or tsumani) would be enough to cool the lava. Seems like it's a static obstacle after all, at least for now. It also makes sense that vehicles without a driver will plop to the ground. I wonder if you have enough time to spawn a heli and toss a pilot into it.

The hovercraft comment is expanded a bit below...

More S/nauts: Cupid's not listening to instructions. He just floats. Hover things aren’t floating on lava. 'Floating platforms'? Come on.

Cupid isn't smart enough to know how to solve the level for you...that's obvious to me at least. Though I wonder if they mean they're trying to tell him to fire but he won't. The hovercrafts apparently need ground to hover off of, which I guess makes sense by most typical definitions of a hovercraft. And floating platforms don't exist and would be too cheesy. Edge agrees!

Finally, chains or ropes fixed to the steel blocks do not extend below Maxwell or the cage. No more Qs, there's plenty for you to go on now

There seems like a rather obvious solution to this problem, at least to me. If the ropes or chains don't extend beyond Maxwell and the cage then you could simply make more chains to attach to the end of those. And if THAT is not possible, then simply attach some intermediate object (such as another steel block) inbetween.

Alright, you heard them! No more questions. You have a lot to go off now, so set forth and solve! Win some Scribblenauts!


  1. This puzzle is diabolical! We can't harden the lava, we can't let things hover over the lava and we can't tie things to the ceiling (without exceeding the Par)!

    I'm running out of options. Is there an object that floats without the need a pilot?

  2. since I can't fit this into a twitter comment and I really don't care if someone uses my idea, here it goes:

    dab glue on both ropes above Max and the cage at about the same height. Take a pipe that goes further then bothe max and the cage and glue it to both ropes horizontally, now dab glue on both ends, attatch pipes vertically, attatch something long enough and able to stand on to both pipes via glue, throw knife to cut cage rope, when it falls...and hopefully smashes, have someone or something bring it to max

    is that over the limit of objects? assuming it is, you can trash this idea

  3. Can't you just put God in there and let him take care of everything? :P

  4. Actually, I can see the hovercraft working. A hovercraft is able to traverse ground, ice, and water equally well. One would think that lava wouldn't be too much of a stretch since the molten rock would be denser than the water.

  5. Have we considered how absurd Maxwell's position is? The lava's close enough in 10-6 for the convection temperature to kill Maxwell, incinerate the ropes, and thoroughly disintegrate the cage. Yet all are unharmed.

    How's this for a solution? Spawn a jetpack, put it on. Remove the top hat, and fly over to the cage. Fly UNDERNEATH the cage, and try to push it upwards. Push it as high as possible, then spawn a chain. Tie the chain to the steel boxes, and attempt to enclose yourself and the cage. Spawn termites/beaver/whatever, and have them destroy the cage. Grab the Starite. Three objects.

    (I don't really care about the competition. They're not sending the prize until AFTER Scribblenauts is released anyway.)

  6. @anon A hovercraft isn't going to work on lava. Even if we ignore convection entirely, the hovercraft's skirt would pretty much need to touch the lava. The skirt is flammable.