Monday, July 13, 2009

Watch as Jeremiah continues to own me

Jeremiah Slaczka has the habit of owning my sorry ass over at GAF. Basically the moment I voice even the most minor of concerns he's able to swoop right in and remind me why I should never doubt him or his company. Or his game.

You might remember a post I made about my concerns the game was too easy. Well, I'd hope so, given I made it only a couple of hours ago. I also voiced similar concerns over at GAF. Jackson was quick to respond...and respond he did...

No one has beaten the game, no one has come even close. No one has gotten to world 10. No one has experienced more than 20% of the levels. Period. Trust me on this if I say it.

Well then. He put me in my place, that's for sure. So for those worried the game might be easy...well...don't. Not even the previewers have been able to touch the final product, and even with only 20% of the levels in place (and none from the last world at least) they're still having a blast. That's huge.

So gone are my doubts...and then some.


  1. Hail Jackson, bringer of good news?

  2. I've got good news to tell you for sure. Mainly....

  3. Rather than bringing out a break-dancing developer, summoning Jackson should spawn a ninja. :3