Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More foreign screenshots show new level editor options shark?

As usual we have foreign websites showing us some pretty badass screenshots that domestic websites have failed to produce. We've seen French and Dutch translations, and now we get to give a warm welcome to our German friends over at for these. You can find the new screenshots here, and as usual I picked a few to comment on.

This is definitely one of the more important screenshots of the bunch, and we can see it showing off some new level editing stuff. Here we see what must be the "advanced" options, which allow you to set the par (how many items the level should be completed under), the level hint, the music that plays, and of course the name itself. I guess these are all options we could have expected, but being able to customize both the par and music gives a lot of power to the a level designer in controlling both the feel and difficulty of their level.

So here's a ninja shark...and I'm feeling very much like my parents who get confused during a Family Guy episode. Is this a reference I'm suppose to get? Some sort of easter egg? What is going on?!

A quick Google search shows up nothing. Can anyone help me out here? Either way I guess this is pretty badass. If I were Maxwell I'd be worried about the Ninja Shark jumping out of the water to kill me...

We've seen a lot of this level about. Basically it looks like Fallout meets Scribblenauts. Maxwell wanders some sort of post-apocalyptic world where he has to face mysterious masked soldiers wielding some pretty heavy weaponry. You can tell the game is really going all over the place (from rescuing beached whales, celebrating a wedding, to surviving the apocalypse?!) and I'm glad that lot of genres will be covered. I actually think this sort of level would be really amazing to play if done correctly.

These series of screenshots might be confusing without some context, so lemme explain.

Top left: They spawn in a gamer, which is a normal dude with a decal t-shirt and questionable haircut.
Top right: They then spawn in a "console", which seems to sort-of-kind-of look like a Wii.
Bottom: The gamer apparently likes consoles and runs to it to pick it up!

Now this might not be impressive, however I feel it really shows the power of Objectnaut. We know it has a fairly indepth "I like this/I hate this" system, but while that's easy enough to do for professions (yeah, cops like guns and donuts), a gamer isn't really a profession. Yet he knows he's suppose to like game consoles and such. That is pretty cool.


  1. Good. Advanced options. And I love the Ninja Shark and the awesome interactions with items.

    Well... I have a doubt... Someone knows if the US version of the game will include Spanish? I'm planning to import it.

  2. Do you think the game console actually does stuff? Or is it just a lure for gamers? (I'd assume the donut can, say, be eaten)

    Incidentally, FallNauts is awesome. Very, very cool. Makes you wonder how the storyline/backstory/Excuse Plot will justify the crazy switching of locations.